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TONIGHT! OLAS@YorkU Presents Salsa Workshop with Oscar Naranjo!

23 Mar

World Champion latin dancer Oscar Naranjo will be coming to York University to teach an exclusive salsa workshop hosted by the OLAS YorkU Chapter (Organization of Latin American Students). Everyone in attendance is sure to benefit from this experience, whether you have salsa danced before or have no experience at all. For more information check out the FB event page. Hope to see you there!!

With Love,



New Day, New Year

13 Sep

Today was my official first day as a third year at YorkU. Lucky for me (and I mean this sarcastically) I woke up an hour later than the time I had set my alarm clock for. So off I rushed by slipping on my TNA trackies, a solid black tank top, and a baseball cap; yes! a baseball cap! A baseball cap which I purchased at the airport in Montego Bay, Jamaica on my trip there last October and I got many compliments on today. So my rush and a half while getting dressed wasn’t all that much of a fail after all.

Of course, the brilliant urban planners, or who ever else I should blame for this, decides it would be a good idea to begin major road construction during one of the most congested times of the year; therefore it took my that much longer to get to school.

I finally stumbled into class trying not to call too much attention to myself, since the doors happened to be situated at the front of the class, which is just perfect for people arriving late.

Hopefully the experiences of today don’t reflect on the rest of my year; or as I like to look at it, all the bad stuff is out of the way today so I can go on to have a brilliant year full of success and good grades.

With Love,


How to Find a Job Using Social Media and N’etiquette 101 – My Experience

3 Aug

On the 29th of July, I went to a workshop that was offered at York University by the Career Centre which was called “How to Find a Job Using Social Media and N’Etiquette 101”. The workshop focused on different social media websites one could use in order for people who are looking for a job to get their name out there beyond a faxed in resume. This workshop also touched upon etiquette over the internet, how to speak to perspective employers and a small tutorial as to how to sign up to LinkedIn and its uses and purposes.

I found the workshop very informative and gave me more of an intro to LinkedIn, which was one of the main purposes to my attendance. Another purpose to my attendance was to obtain more information about the uses of social media in finding a job, particularly since the use of social media is so essential to Public Relations. The lady facilitating the workshop was fairly new to the idea and use to social media, since she had been asked to learn about it particularly for the purpose of teaching this workshop.  

My most interesting and intriguing find at this workshop was that most of the people in attendance had this certain level of fear of social media, which mainly had to do with privacy rights and how much of their personal information was going to be displayed over the world wide web. It was as if the internet was a threat to them, rather than an important tool in aiding them to find the job they are looking for. Most people attending this workshop, I believe, would also benefit from one that is centered around WHY the use of the internet is so essential to their job hunting and how important it is to network with perspective employers or people within their career fields.

Overall, I found this workshop to be interesting, informative and had a lot of information to offer when it came to the basic understanding of social media tools over the internet and their purposes; yet it would be delightful to be able to attend a workshop that peels more of those social media layers for a further understanding of how to use social media to one’s job seeking advantages.

With Love,


It’s Only the Start

23 Jul

So I’ve been really working on this blog  trying to figure out a layout that fits and finalizing my thoughts on exactly what I want this blog to be about. Like many blogs I have read and love, this one could be strictly about fashion, or lifestyle, or my experiences, etc. But I have decided to make this a well rounded blog with a little bit of everything I and the life that comes with me has to offer.

As I mentioned before, I hope for this blog  to help out, guide and inform others interested in PR and how to achieve a career in it or maybe even learn from my experiences. So with this being said, I will be writing a lot about different adventures I involved myself in having to do with Public Relations and anything else that sorrounds it. Yet I do want to stay true to my personality (as random as it is) and also have this blog display other stories and articles about different adventures I may go on or about things I may run into in my daily life. I would ideally love for this to be a well rounded blog that contains experiences, adventures, stories and of course lots of fun.

I have been fortunate enough to be granted with many opportunites like being the C0-Director of the PR Committee at York University so I’m sure that will give me lots of PR related items to write about! As well, I am the Social Director of OLAS (Organization of Latin American Students) at York University, so that way I will have a lot of stories on event planning (cause we latinos sure know how to get a party started! :P).

So here is a small summary of what my aim for this blog is and what my ideas are behind it. I don’t want to limit this blog to one single subject, just like I don’t want to limit my life to one single experience or door to walk through. So with this, I hope you stay tuned to my blog and find my posts entertaining and fun and please dont hesitate to comment and let me know your thoughts! 🙂

With Love,


I Introduce You To…

24 Jun
….Me! 🙂

I’m Christie and I like to consider myself  an aspiring Public Relations mogul. Yes, I do want to be a big deal in the industry, I want my name to be known in a very successful way and I want to be the “go to” girl for the industry’s biggest names.

I am a young girl with huge goals, dreams and aspirations; I wanna do and conquer all! To some this may seem very ambitious, but that’s exactly what I am. Ambition is a very important characteristic to have; if you dream big and act to achieve big, then you will get big.

I took interest in PR in a very random way. It started when one day, years ago (while I was convinced I wanted to get into law), I watched the movie “Jersey Girl”; particularly the scene where Ben Affleck’s character directs the press and I thought to myself “What is that career? That’s what I want to do!” but I left it at that. Then I got addicted to Sex and the City and once again I wanted to follow in the foot steps of Samantha Jones (career wise, not dating wise). Following that, I went to college for a Liberal Arts program where in the same week I did a presentation and my prof assured me I had everything it took for a career in PR, my good friend Karla suggested I get into PR cause my perssonality fit the profile perfectly. I did my research on the career and decided PR is where I belong :).

From there I applied to York University where I am currently double majoring in Communications and Sociology, as well as am in the process of obtaining a certificate in spanish. On the side I have dipped my little feet in the PR industry by volunteering at Toronto Fashion Week under Brill Communications, a pr agency in charge of Toronto Fashion Week. I have also volunteered in other smaller fashion shows that they have worked with within the city and have loved every second of it.

So here is my brief introduction to the life of a classy, fabulous and aspiring PR mogul. Hope you enjoyed reading and I’m sure you will learn much more about me in the blog posts to come.

With Love,