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Wisin y Yandel – La Revolucion 2010 Toronto Review

23 Aug

I attended the Wisin y Yandel, La Revolucion 2010 Tour, on August 4th at the Powerade Centre in Brampton. The concert was brilliant and full of energy! With the surprise that they did not have a pre show, the concert started fairly on time (no diva factors here) with a fairly lengthy but entertaining introduction which included a video on the big screen of Wisin y Yandel “escaping” into the show.

As soon as they got on stage the crowd went wild! It wasn’t just a sing along concert since the crowd was also dancing along to the songs. The floor section got pretty crazy since the neat rows of fold up chairs quickly disappeared and people were all over the place disregarding their prebought seat positions, but since everyone was partying together we all didn’t seem to mind all that much; yet we did mind the skimpy dressed 12 year old looking girls standing on the chairs. But other than that…

The back up dancer were brilliant and very well choreographed, one of the girls particularly stood out since she had her own style and added more personality and attitude to the choreography. The set was very well built and allowed for a lot of movement which reflects on the style of performance of Wisin y Yandel. They performed their top songs as well as some new ones, such as Sexy Movimiento, Anoche Soñe Contigo, Pegao and Pam Pam to name a few. They also managed to sing to their songs that are performed by Enrique Iglesias like Lloro Por Ti which I think they did an amazing job with.

Overall the concert was brilliant and the line up for the tickets was so worth it since the seat were great! The pics I posted above were actually taken with my Blackberry since I brilliantly managed to forget my camera. Laughing at me is allowed!  But I managed and got pretty good pics and videos of the show. I must say it was clear that so much effort and time was put into this show, particularly in the brilliant choreography, which encouraged for such a great amount of energy in the crowd. So if we’re lucky enough that the show comes back to Toronto, or if you’re even luckier that you can travel to another city to see it, take the chance! You will have an amazing time particularly since the energy and electricity that this show will bring you is rare to find.

With Love,



Wisin y Yandel Afterparty!

28 Jul

The afterparty for the Wisin y Yandel concert will be held at Body English Nightclub in Mississauga. It will be an all-ages event with a reserved VIP bar for the 19+ guests. DJ Danny Castro (Luxy DJ) and DJ Drogato, who will be making his comeback on this night, will both be in the DJ Booth that night.

Everyone Arrive Early!! Cover  is only $15 and fashionable and classy dresscode is definitely in effect!! I’ll definitely be there to check that party out so I’ll see you guys there!!

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Wisin y Yandel Live in Toronto!!

23 Jul

Wisin & Yandel, huge performing artists in Latin American and North America will be performing for the 1st time in ever in Canada on August 4th, 2010. Of course, yours truly, was second (yes, second) in line to get tickets!

This concert is a huge deal for the latin american community in Canada, I would say Toronto, but the truth is I was second in line for the tickets since the guys in front of my in line had driven all the way from Montreal just to ensure that they had these tickets! Pretty brilliant! So stay tuned for a review of the concert which I’m sure is going to be a huge success!!

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