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Passes on Sale for S/S 2012 LG Fashion Week

1 Oct


I Introduce You To…

24 Jun
….Me! 🙂

I’m Christie and I like to consider myself  an aspiring Public Relations mogul. Yes, I do want to be a big deal in the industry, I want my name to be known in a very successful way and I want to be the “go to” girl for the industry’s biggest names.

I am a young girl with huge goals, dreams and aspirations; I wanna do and conquer all! To some this may seem very ambitious, but that’s exactly what I am. Ambition is a very important characteristic to have; if you dream big and act to achieve big, then you will get big.

I took interest in PR in a very random way. It started when one day, years ago (while I was convinced I wanted to get into law), I watched the movie “Jersey Girl”; particularly the scene where Ben Affleck’s character directs the press and I thought to myself “What is that career? That’s what I want to do!” but I left it at that. Then I got addicted to Sex and the City and once again I wanted to follow in the foot steps of Samantha Jones (career wise, not dating wise). Following that, I went to college for a Liberal Arts program where in the same week I did a presentation and my prof assured me I had everything it took for a career in PR, my good friend Karla suggested I get into PR cause my perssonality fit the profile perfectly. I did my research on the career and decided PR is where I belong :).

From there I applied to York University where I am currently double majoring in Communications and Sociology, as well as am in the process of obtaining a certificate in spanish. On the side I have dipped my little feet in the PR industry by volunteering at Toronto Fashion Week under Brill Communications, a pr agency in charge of Toronto Fashion Week. I have also volunteered in other smaller fashion shows that they have worked with within the city and have loved every second of it.

So here is my brief introduction to the life of a classy, fabulous and aspiring PR mogul. Hope you enjoyed reading and I’m sure you will learn much more about me in the blog posts to come.

With Love,