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Blowfish Restaurant & Sake Bar

28 Jun

Blowfish Restaurant & Sake Bar celebrated their second location on Bay St with an event called “Summer Saketinis” and we got just that! We indulged on a delicious saketini and sangria, as well as exquisite maki rolls. Now who can resist those??
The event was held from 6-9pm on a Thursday night (June 23rd, 2011), perfectly planned to match with the “Happy Hour” of all those hard working execs on Bay. Theresa Kim, of YYZ Living Magazine, and myself attended and checked out the new location which we will definitely be returning to since we could not get enough. We hung out on the bar side, but by glancing over to the dining room side of the restaurant we had an automatic urge to come back for dinner in the near future.

Above are images of some of the delicious treats we had served to us. One thing we did notice and were very impressed by was how attentive their servers were and how friendly they were, which is a big bonus in my books!

Here we are (Theresa Kim and I)  having a great time at the event, regardless of the horrendous monsoon we experienced on our way; yet we made it and had a great time. We will definitely be back to enjoy the rest of the menu at Blowfish Restaurant & Sake Bar, will I be seeing you there too??

With Love,


Markaz VIP Patio Launch

14 May

On May 5th, 2011 I was invited to the exclusive VIP patio launch at Markaz Middle Eastern and Pakistani Grill & Shisha Lounge. As soon as we walked in, I went with Theresa Kim of YYZ Living Magazine, we were guided to the VIP patio reserved especially for their exclusive guests. The ambiance was brilliant! There was arabic music playing in the background at just the right volume, loud enough to enjoy but low enough to mingle with other guests without the need to scream into each other’s ears. The white couches with the red fabric accents really set the middle eastern mood, and even though the lounge is located downtown Toronto you really get absorbed into the middle eastern atmosphere that brings out a sense of peacefulness.

Delicious "Pharaoh's Delight" along with the shisha we offered and our gift bags.

Markaz quickly climbed to the top of my favourite hang out spots for the summer, so if you are ever interested in coming for a visit you may just run into me there! Markaz is located on 222 Richmond Street West and has a parking lot right across there street for the incredible convenience of those driving, and it is just down the street from the club district downtown for those who prefer public transit. Markaz has a full dining room as well as comfy couches for those just wanting to enjoy shisha and drinks; also an upstairs patio for the general public and a small cover charge allows for reservations and an exclusive spot in their VIP patio (that is where you will find me on nice days).

Markaz VIP patio as featured on YYZ Living Magazine

Myself and Theresa Kim of YYZ Living Magazine

The beautiful main entrance of Markaz

Check out the link above for more information on Markaz on their Facebook page. I definitely recommend you visit if you are into trying new things, or are already a fan of shisha and exotic yet delicious appetizers, lunch and/or dinners.

With Love,

HUGO BOSS F/W 2011 Presentation

14 May

On April 20th, 2011 we were invited to a private and invite only presentation of the latest Hugo Boss F/W 2011 collection. The event was held at their Bloor St store and the attendees included a select few in the industry; such as Nolan Bryant (Fashion Blogger), Theresa Kim (YYZ Living Magazine), Ally Lesniak (Girls of TO) and Spiro Mandylor (Fashion Blogger). The new collection included some precious pieces to keep us ladies warm in the fall and winter months, as well as gorgeous suits and man bags for men.

Here is a glimpse of the upcoming F/W 2011 women’s pieces you will see in stores:

I am a huge fan of the purple stripped blazer which can really add a touch to a solid coloured outfit. The grey belted sweater adds a chique touch to the poncho look, which was a success paired with thigh high black boots that the model was wearing. I particularly love that all the above pieces are very much wearable in either dressier situations or during more casual circumstances. Hugo Boss really brings out that wearable luxury to our wardrobes.

Below are some of the men’s pieces of the upcoming season on the frozen still, yet gorgeous, male models:

I fell in love with many of the men’s pieces! I strongly believe that men really can’t go wrong with Hugo Boss in their wardrobe. The light grey and charcoal suits featured above were made from very unique materials that are not often seen in men’s suits, which added a sense of uniqueness and elegance to the pieces. The grey sweater with the black buckles really stood out as a piece to add elegance and class to any man, and looked very warm too; perfect for the fall and winter seasons. How could we disregard discussing the colourful outfit with the red-orange pants and the navy blue blazer. The way this outfit was put together toned down the brightness of the pants in a very complimentary way and in exchange the coloured pants really added character to the blazer. This model just looked too much fun while wearing this outfit!

We cannot forget the gorgeous, yet versatile, man bags that were also featured at the presentation:

The man bags really stood out to be because of their versatility since they could be worn with dressy or casual outfits. The deep red bag with the brown accents was a perfect example of this as it was paired with a light grey suit which it complimented in a very unique way. The brown bag with the front pockets had an English riding bag feel to it which really stood out and seems to potentially add that extra bit of class to any outfit it is paired with. The brown bag in the middle image is much more simple as compared to the other two bags featured which allows for the ability for it to be paired with many types of outfits; definitely a staple piece to have.

Hugo Boss’ F/W 2011 collection certainly proves to be successful in having pieces to accent anyone’s wardrobe and compliments everyone’s outfit. I most definitely recommend you go out and check them out for yourselves as soon as these pieces are placed in stores late summer 2011. Hope you enjoyed the preview!

With Love,

“Less is More” With Celebrity Make-Up Artist Paul Venoit

21 Apr

On Thursday, April 19th, 2011 we attended an event at the ROM with special guest celebrity make-up artist  and beauty expert Paul Venoit. The night was brought to us by High Road Communications and hosted by the lovely Gail McInnes of Magnet Creative. It was a private and exclusive event to raise awareness and promote a new product that will aid us in dealing with terrible cold sores which turned out to be a truly wonderful gathering of some wonderful people in the industry. The event promoting ColdSoreFX, from the makers of the life saving ColdFX,  brought out Theresa Kim of YYZ Living Magazine, Septembre Anderson of J’Adore Fashion Blog, as well as Ally Lesniak and Dani Goddard of GirlsofTO.

Paul Venoit & Myself

Paul Venoit informed us during his presentation as to how to treat cold sores, which turn out to be a more common  than we think issue when it comes to make up artistry. His message was “Less is more!”; in the case of a cold sore we must lightly brush over it with a concealer fading it away rather than covering it up. Paul also made it clear that we must never, ever bring out red or pink lipsticks or glosses in an attempt to camouflage them since that will fail miserably! Following his presentation the attendees of the event were invited to get make-up touch ups by one of Paul Venoit’s leading make-up professionals, who by the way did a brilliant job. We then proceeded to take picture and mingle with Paul who is a delightful individual, full of energy and fun.

Paul Venoit of Look-A-Like (the TV Show), who has worked with celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Taylor Swift, educated us against the stereotypes and myths of cold sores that many people have relating them to sexually transmitted diseases or infections; which is in fact not true. They can happen to anyone at any point in time and it is important that we learn about them and learn how to treat them. Paul Venoit has tried out the new product Cold Sore FX and swears by it since according to his conclusion through using the product it is effective and it works! So if cold sores are an issue for you always remember, beauty expert Paul Venoit finds it very effective and when it comes to coverage, less is more!

With Love,

More Than Just Drink.Play.Fashion!

12 Sep

I attended Drink.Play.Fashion at CLounge on Sunday, September 5th, 2010 and I must say it was one of the best nights out! The venue was made up of an intimate crowd with full booths which added to the drink and play effect of the event, and of course we can’t forget the fashion. Local celebrity, Julio Reyes-Cocka aka Mr. Fashionights, was in attendance along with Theresa Kim, the organizer of the event for Liberty Entertainment Group, and were both looking as fashionable as ever in gorgeous furs wrapped oh so stylishly around their necks.

I had the pleasure of meeting Logan Salter from FashionCrimes and he was just a lovely and a half! He gave me some great advice on my career which was truly appreciated! His main piece of advice was to network! network! network!

We also had the pleasure of meeting the wonderful ladies of Stiletto Twins which were as sweet as ever! One of the best parts of the event were some ladies from FashionCrimes modelling some of the pieces as well as enjoying the event with the rest of us. 

Below are some gorgeous shots brought to you by Fashionights.com:

Julio Reyes-Cocka and Theresa Kim showing off their gorgeous fur pieces.

Logan Salter from Fashion Crimes.

FashionCrimes Models

Overall, the event was a great success and we would greatly like to thank Theresa Kim for the wonderful invite; it truly was a great way to spend the Sunday of the long labour day weekend.

With Love,


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