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Facebook Movie – “The Social Network”

23 Aug

The tagline for the new movie, “The Social Network”, which is being released in theatres on October 1st, is “You don’t get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies” and it fits perfectly! The movie which is based on the creation of Facebook, which has become an evolution in the idea or practice of social media, will tell a story of the struggle that the Harvard undergrad, Mark Zuckerberg, had to go through in order to create and maintain such a powerful website. Below is the link to the movie so you can check it out for yourself:

It is evident that Facebook has been a huge movement in the revolution of the internet and social media. In my opinion Facebook incorporates every aspect that the internet has to offer; such as messaging/emailing, photo/video sharing, networking and instant chat to name the top uses. Facebook has also been an influence to many other websites, such as Twitter or LinkedIn which are used by so many people on a daily basis. It is excellent that a movie was produced as to how it came to be and hopefully this movie will inspire people to learn about social networking beyond the simple use of it and branch out to the effects and influences it has on the society around them.

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How to Find a Job Using Social Media and N’etiquette 101 – My Experience

3 Aug

On the 29th of July, I went to a workshop that was offered at York University by the Career Centre which was called “How to Find a Job Using Social Media and N’Etiquette 101”. The workshop focused on different social media websites one could use in order for people who are looking for a job to get their name out there beyond a faxed in resume. This workshop also touched upon etiquette over the internet, how to speak to perspective employers and a small tutorial as to how to sign up to LinkedIn and its uses and purposes.

I found the workshop very informative and gave me more of an intro to LinkedIn, which was one of the main purposes to my attendance. Another purpose to my attendance was to obtain more information about the uses of social media in finding a job, particularly since the use of social media is so essential to Public Relations. The lady facilitating the workshop was fairly new to the idea and use to social media, since she had been asked to learn about it particularly for the purpose of teaching this workshop.  

My most interesting and intriguing find at this workshop was that most of the people in attendance had this certain level of fear of social media, which mainly had to do with privacy rights and how much of their personal information was going to be displayed over the world wide web. It was as if the internet was a threat to them, rather than an important tool in aiding them to find the job they are looking for. Most people attending this workshop, I believe, would also benefit from one that is centered around WHY the use of the internet is so essential to their job hunting and how important it is to network with perspective employers or people within their career fields.

Overall, I found this workshop to be interesting, informative and had a lot of information to offer when it came to the basic understanding of social media tools over the internet and their purposes; yet it would be delightful to be able to attend a workshop that peels more of those social media layers for a further understanding of how to use social media to one’s job seeking advantages.

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