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Home For The Holidays! Lima, Peru

16 Dec

Marca Peru LogoI’m super excited to be writing this blog post from my home country of Peru! I was born in Lima, the capital city of Peru, and moved to Canada when I was 7 years old. Even though I have spent most of my life in Canada, nothing will take way what it means to me to identify myself as a proud Peruvian!

This is my first trip home on my own as I always come with my family, usually over the Christmas season. The fun part about this trip is this time I get to do it my way! I will be visiting various restaurants, cities, attractions and venues during my stay. Fortunately, I will be going on all these adventures with my family; therefore you will get an idea of the top places to visit from top locals!

Peru On A World Map

Peru Map with CitiesPeru has made a strong mark on the world stage by winning various awards in 2013. Usually, when you hear about Peru, there is a direct link to Machu Picchu; since it is one of the 7 wonders of the world. Travelers that visit Machu Picchu fly into its capital city, stay for a day or two in Lima, then skip towards Machu Picchu. Lima, Peru and its surrounding areas have SO much to offer and experience! Especially during the Christmas season as it blooms with cheer and spirit.

In 2013, Machu Picchu, Peru was named as number 1 on a list of the” Top 10 World Landmarks” by Trip Advisor. For the second year in a row, Peru also won the World’s Leading Culinary Destination  by the Wold Travel Awards, among other honourary awards. Not just saying this because I’m Peruvian, but the food is delicious here!

Marca Peru

Marca Peru is a promotional program created by the Ministry of Tourism in Peru that is made up of 3 parts; tourism, investments and exports. Of course, we will focus on tourism in this case. It was launched in 2012 with the following video:

This video caught my attention as soon as I saw it and since then I have been so intrigued, even more than before, about all that my country has to offer. Even though I was born here, the country is constantly changing and growing so quickly so there is so much for me to visit and learn about every time I come back.

From nature, to culture, to adventure and gastronomy, you can find all the info on the Marca Peru Travel website.

costa verde lima marca peru

Throughout my visit, I will be writing about different experiences in and around Lima, Peru. Stay tuned to learn more about what this beautiful country has to offer. Whether you are Peruvian or a tourist, I promise to make my posts super insightful! After all, it’s true what they say, everything you need is in Peru!

With Love,


Prada to Launch “Made In…” World Line

18 Oct

Prada is to launch a “Made in…” world line to celebrate and indulge in Global Luxury. The line is to be released in the upcoming year and will include designs  inspired by the countries of choice and made from iconic materials of those countries. For example, the “Made in Scotland” pieces will include tartan wool kilts.

Of course, we are proud that Peru is recognized by Prada  to have influence on world fashion and seen as iconic; since they are releasing a line of alpaca wool knitwear. We all know how great alpaca wool is! and if not, get out there and get a feel for it!  

So what other countries are you hoping for that Prada makes designs to represent?

With Love,


Feliz 28 de Julio Peru!!

30 Jul

Peru, my birth country, just celebrated their 189th Anniversary on July 28th, 2010. This is obviously a day of celebration since I am proud of my roots and origins; yet what makes me particularly proud is that Peru has come such a long way in its development and has made itself very well recognized on an international level, not just as another country in South America, but as a country which has truly made a mark in international development.

Earlier this year, Hilary Clinton visited my home country to meet with the current president of Peru, Alan García Pérez, and was delighted with the country, the people and what it had to offer and all that she experienced on her visit. She went to Peru to discuss different affairs between the United Estates and Peru since they have worked together for many years, but recently there has been a movement to make that partnership closer than ever before.

Hilary wrote a piece for the Latin American Herald Tribune ( http://www.laht.com/article.asp?ArticleId=361257&CategoryId=14095 ) to congratulate Peru on their 189th anniversary and take the time to acknowledge and present her thoughts on the country. As mentioned before, the United Estates and Peru have had a close partnership for various reasons, and as Hilary Clinton mentioned in her article “Our relationship is rooted in our shared respect for democratic governance, our commitment to free trade and open markets, and our vigorous defense of individual rights and civil liberties.” Following this quote she recognized Peru for their movements which as sure to keep the country on the track of economic growth and stability for many years to come.

This article and recognition by Hilary Clinton make me even more proud to be a Peruvian young woman. Even though I don’t still live in Peru, I try to maintain updated with its current affairs and particularly it’s movements on a world stage. I would like my country to be recognized on a higher level than another developing country in South America, but as a country that has truly made a mark and impacted positive changes and developments on an international level.

Peru is a very unique country which is very rich in natural resources, is made up of three regions (the Coast, the Andes and the Amazonic Jungle) which is a rare diversity all in one country and is home of one of the 7 wonders of the world, Machu Picchu. It’s a country with so much to offer on so many level, particularly with its tourism since you really don’t ever get enough time to try it all; and trust me I’ve tried it on my month long trips. For this and so many reason I highly recommend people to visit and experience a unique vacation full of adventure, fun and memories that will truly last a lifetime. Once again Feliz 28 de Julio Peru! or Happy 28th of July Peru!

With Love,