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I’m SO Vain!

17 Jul

Ladies, singles and in groups, dashed into Vogue Supperclub on Saturday, June 25th for the much anticipated “I’m So Vain” event organized by V:Space Studio and Ilaika. All attendees, dressed in their most fashionable spring/summer outfits while all dolled-up, looked very excited to arrive to the event that encouraged them to embrace and celebrate beauty procedures and treatments beyond a visit to Sephora or MAC Cosmetics.

The main goal of the event was to educate and allow women to indulge in different services and procedures directly from the professionals. Some of the companies in attendance were Winks Eyelash Boutique, Skin Spa & Cosmetic Clinic Malibu Sugar, Beautifully Bare Hi-Tech Spa, and Live It Up Events. The services ranged from laser hair removal to eyelash extensions to even botox parties; which definitely allowed us ladies to embrace our oh-so-vain characteristics.

The guests walked along booth to booth in order to get, not only information about different treatments and products, but special one time only guest offers that many ladies took advantage of. The guest also enjoyed delicious oh d’ouvres and drinks to influence mingling and discussing of the event and what it had to offer. The event also had a special Diet Coke trailer, partnered with Joe Fresh, which had a lounge set up for ladies to touch up their look as they continued to enjoy the event; and of course, were handed Diet Cokes in the cutest little glass
bottles to keep everyone’s thirst quenched! The trailer displayed some pieces
from the Joe Fresh “Fresh off the Runway” collection for ladies to look

The event most definitely allowed women to come together and celebrate beauty treatments, that may seem god’s gifts to some but taboo to others; but most importantly encouraged the guests to be educated on safe and professionally performed treatments. For more information on this event and for a full vendor list, you can check out the official I’m So Vain Blog by clicking
. So remember ladies, when we feel the need to be oh-so vain and try
out some of these procedures, ensure that you are well educated and don’t ever
be shy to ask questions!

With Love,