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Spotlight: Fashionights.com

20 Oct
Julio Reyes-Cocka (Fashionights.com) with Coco Rocha


For one of the best blogger coverages of events in and around the city of Toronto, one of the sites to visit hands down is Fashionights.com.

Julio Reyes-Cocka founded this site for the mere love of fashion and its culture within the city of Toronto. He works along with the lovely Jessie Gu, the newly added Andrea Marchioni, and the fabulous Nicholas-Sean.

Julio, along with his team, take pride in the works they do and the brand that is forming out of Fashionights.com. The well rounded team cover the best of events, social scene, fashion, beauty, exclusives and art to just name a few of the components of the website. As it is specified on their website, Fashionights brings you the Toronto fashion scene on a whole new level.

So check out Fashionights.com to keep updated with the best of fashion and entertainment within the city, particularly when it comes to LG Fashion Week since they have full show coverage and wonderful opinions on the shows and surrounding events.

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More Than Just Drink.Play.Fashion!

12 Sep

I attended Drink.Play.Fashion at CLounge on Sunday, September 5th, 2010 and I must say it was one of the best nights out! The venue was made up of an intimate crowd with full booths which added to the drink and play effect of the event, and of course we can’t forget the fashion. Local celebrity, Julio Reyes-Cocka aka Mr. Fashionights, was in attendance along with Theresa Kim, the organizer of the event for Liberty Entertainment Group, and were both looking as fashionable as ever in gorgeous furs wrapped oh so stylishly around their necks.

I had the pleasure of meeting Logan Salter from FashionCrimes and he was just a lovely and a half! He gave me some great advice on my career which was truly appreciated! His main piece of advice was to network! network! network!

We also had the pleasure of meeting the wonderful ladies of Stiletto Twins which were as sweet as ever! One of the best parts of the event were some ladies from FashionCrimes modelling some of the pieces as well as enjoying the event with the rest of us. 

Below are some gorgeous shots brought to you by Fashionights.com:

Julio Reyes-Cocka and Theresa Kim showing off their gorgeous fur pieces.

Logan Salter from Fashion Crimes.

FashionCrimes Models

Overall, the event was a great success and we would greatly like to thank Theresa Kim for the wonderful invite; it truly was a great way to spend the Sunday of the long labour day weekend.

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