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Jennifer Lopez & Her Little Ones for Gucci

1 Nov

I ran into this YouTube video of Jennifer Lopez and her babies shooting for the Gucci children’s campaign on Fashionights.com and could not help but share it with you all.

In case you were not aware, Jennifer Lopez has joined forces with Gucci for their children’s line, where a share of the sales of that line will be going to help unfortunate children around the world obtain an education. As Lopez mentioned in the video, when having children she looked at the world in a different light and it is great to see she is using her fame for a good cause.

I have been a fan of Lopez since I was young and, particularly if it’s for a great purpose such as this one, I will support her and promote her endeavours. Her children are brilliantly cute and are growing up so fast; it is really great to see how happy Jennifer is and how dedicated her and Marc are as parents.

With Love,



Recycle Your Jeans by Gap!

6 Oct

Maybe Gap ain’t so bad after all! Or at least I give them credit for taking some initiative towards helping out our society in a way or another. In this case, it’s through recycled jeans!

Gap is collaborating with Cotton Inc. towards a movement called “Recycle Your Blues”, which aims to help out less fortunate communities. The material from your donated jeans will be used to make Ultra Touch Denim Insolation. So far so good! But it gets better…

When you donate your jeans in store you will be given a 30% discount on their new 1969 jeans; and if you “Like” them on Facebook, you can get 40% off.

So far the idea seems to be fairly appealing, particularly to those with the mind set of helping others. I gotta give it to Gap for making this movement, since in the past they’ve been under fire for not helping the less fortunate but rather keeping them in their negative situation. With that said, Good Luck Gap! I hope that you truly are effective in collecting jeans to help out the less fortunate.

With Love,