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Kelly Cutrone vs. She Does The City

21 Jul

As many of us know, Kelly Cutrone, the author of “If You Have To Cry Go Outside”and owner of PR Firm “People’s Revolution”, is to make a stop in Toronto as part of her book signing tour. Kelly was scheduled to arrive in Toronto on March the 14th and attend interviews with different media outlets, some of the appearances include MTV and a book signing at the Eaton Centre.

Kelly was set and scheduled to do an interview for the blog, “She Does The City”; both which I follow and maintain updated with via Twitter. The situation turned ugly when “She Does The City”tweeted about the potential interview with Cutrone stating, “Interviewing Kelly Cutrone on Monday. Got any questions for the wicked witch of PR?”. Kelly quickly responded upon discovering this insulting tweet, since she constantly checks any updates related to People’s Revolution and Cutrone herself. Kelly replied to the tweet “@shedoesthecity ask her why she cancels interviews with people who call her a wicked witch – write your own piece – i am not giving you 10-15 minutes of my fucking precious time”.

Since then, “She Does The City” has released an apology on their website(http://www.shedoesthecity.com/scribble/2010/03/12/kelly_cutrone_aint_nothin_to_fuck_wit) since it is evident that everyone who is anyone, or no one for that fact, in this business NEEDS to be in Kelly’s “good books”. As mentioned before, I follow both on Twitter, and prior to this clash I saw the tweet and thought to myself, “I really don’t think Kelly will like this, It’s disrespectful” and a couple of hours later, I heard the news of the cancelled interview.

I believe that regardless of who your are and what your position is, business is business, and it is essential to maintain a certain level of professionalism regardless of what field you are in. As much as I love the blog page and follow it, in this case for “She Does The City” it was an open mouth-insert foot situation and from this we are learning the lesson to watch what we say and never ever get too “fresh”, particularly with Miss Cutrone.

With Love,

* For those who are interested, here is a Twitpic and proof of the exchange in words between the two parties. http://twitpic.com/184dzb

***This article was originally written by me on March 15th, 2010 at the height of the issue. I chose to publish it now since it is a reflection of a mistake many do make and this situation teaches us a brilliant lesson for us to take with us in our professional careers.