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I’ve Moved! | Introducing www.AStyleSoiree.com

11 Mar

A Style Soiree - A Latina  Soiree


Wondering where I’ve been?
I have been busy updating the all new A Style Soiree!

I’ve moved my blog to http://www.astylesoiree.com
Please visit me there from now on and stay updated all the chic fashion, beauty, lifestyle and culture happenings and events!

With Love,


Nine Beauty Lounge Launch

1 Aug

As women, we are constantly reminded how essential volume filled, long and fluttery eyelashes are to our beauty. Whether we flip through a magazine or watch TV, mascara commercials are truly inevitable.

Which one is going to make our lashes look the longest?
Which one is going to give us the most volume?
Which one is the most waterproof?

How blissful would it be if we could completely ignore those advertisements without thinking about whether that product might work for us better than the one we are trying now?

If you are on the same page as I am on this topic, I may just have the solution for you!

On Friday, July 26th, I was invited to attend the launch of Nine Beauty Lounge. They are a chic salon, located in the Port Credit area of Mississauga, that specializes in eyelash and hair extensions.

Nine Beauty Lounge Collage 1At first impression, I was quite impressed with the detail they had paid to the branding of their salon and to their overall look; from decor to their business cards. I must add, that I loved the idea of their wet bar!

The owner, Shellyza, who I was meeting for the first time, was a very welcoming and professional individual. Of course, she was VERY excited about the launch of her salon and the event. I would be too!

So here is the part where we get to the solution I mentioned I had for you!

Nine Beauty Lounge has eyelash extension services which can leave you giggling at your silly past of trying to find the best mascara. The eyelash experts can help you narrow down which type of lashes are best for you and what styles are best; depending on what look you are going for. Some of us may want a more natural look, while others may want to go for a more glam look. If you have any general questions about eyelash extension, or if this is a new idea for you, they may be addressed here.

Nine Beauty Lounge Collage 2
I have gotten eyelash extension in the past and I loved them! The greatest thing about them, that I found, was all the time I saved when it came to getting ready; whether it was to head to the office or go out with friends. It was as easy as adding some colour to your cheeks, lipgloss and I was ready to go! As I’m sure you can tell, it won’t take much for me to make an appointment at Nine Beauty Lounge. I am really looking forward to it!

Wondering what the cost would be to getting your eyelashes done at Nine Beauty Lounge? I know you are. I definitely did, since that is something I take into consideration with all the services I try or get regularly.  See the pricing below:

Their full lounge menu can also be found here. Keep in mind that after you get the first set done, the refill price is lower and, as mentioned on their website, you can go on average about 2 to 3 weeks until you need the next refill. Yet as you gain more experience maintaining your lashes, you may be able to extend that time period between refills.

For more information about hair extension, eyelash extensions or Nine Beauty Lounge, visit their website at www.ninebeautylounge.com.

With Love,

I’m So Vain Deux!

30 Jul

On Sunday, July 21, 2013, I attended the I’m So Vain Deux soiree by The Vanity Events. I have attended their events in the past, such as the first I’m so Vain event which was held back in July, 2011, so I knew without a doubt this was not to be missed!


Sponsored by Schwarzkopf Canada and Elevate Magazine, the event was held at the chic Cove Thirtyone in Toronto. In the usual I’m so vain fashion, stations were set up by various vendors where the guests could be treated to various treatments; such as make up application, brow consultations, hair styling and much more.

 The lovely Eliza Sipin, along with Karen Viray, produced a fabulous event with a fabulous mix of networking and the celebration of all things vain! I got the opportunity to:

– Get my hair styled by Solo Bace professional stylists with, one of my preferred hair product brands, Schwarzkopf Professional Canada.
– Get a brow consultation by the knowledgeable ladies from The Brow House, who left my brows looking fierce!
– Speak to the co-founders of Fashion Forward, who told me all about their local clothing classified services.
– Taste treats from Three Works Snacks & Chips – I LOVED the apple chips!
– Get my make up done by a very talented make-up artist, Rebecca Godfrey, who got creative with a gorgeous bronze smokey eye look on my lids!

Other vendors present were Lash Addict by Sherri Wu and Bio Seaweed Gel, who we did not get an opportunity to visit this time around; yet I have experienced Sherri Wu’s lash magic in the past and there is no doubt she leave you looking fabulously! I have heard great comments about Bio Seaweed Gel and I am definitely interested in trying them out in the near future. This event has so much to do, yet I had so little time! So if you ever do attend any of these, I definitely recommend you arrive early!

I'm So Vain Deux Collage 2 I would like to thank Eliza Ilaika of The Vanity Events for inviting us and for being such a wonderful host! I definitely recommend you attend one of these events in the near future – they are perfect for a ladies night out! Take a look at The Vanity Events website at www.thevanityevents.ca for more information about their upcoming events; which are not only held in the downtown Toronto core, but around the GTA as well – which is definitely a plus! If you and you girls attend one of the upcoming events, let me know! I would love to meet you  and/or hear about your experience.

I'm So Vain Deux Collage 3

I will be at their upcoming 50 Shades of Vain event at Berlin Nightclub this upcoming Saturday, August 3rd. THIS is the event for a ladies night out!  Especially since following the event you can keep the party going at the venue! Find out more info here. See you there!

With Love,


The Next Chapter

23 Jul

I’m back!
Yes, I know… It has been a while!

I had to put my beloved blog on hold during my last year of university (you may know how crazy busy that time gets!) and following that I took some time to launch my career; which I have done successfully.

You may notice that I have changed the name from “The Fabulous Life of that PR Lady”  to “A Style Soiree”. I did a little bit of a re-brand for various reasons. I have grown personally since my last post and I want this blog to grow with me. I have also branched out from PR to a career path that also involves advertising and marketing; as well as other very versatile roles.

Why “A Style Soiree” you ask?

I wanted to blend fashion, beauty, travel and wonderful every day experiences into my lovely blog; essentially mixing in my lifestyle and turning it into a delightful soiree – a social gathering of fun!

I hope you enjoy my upcoming posts and all that my next chapter has to offer.
If you’re new to reading my blog – Welcome to my style soiree!

With love,


Blowfish Restaurant & Sake Bar

28 Jun

Blowfish Restaurant & Sake Bar celebrated their second location on Bay St with an event called “Summer Saketinis” and we got just that! We indulged on a delicious saketini and sangria, as well as exquisite maki rolls. Now who can resist those??
The event was held from 6-9pm on a Thursday night (June 23rd, 2011), perfectly planned to match with the “Happy Hour” of all those hard working execs on Bay. Theresa Kim, of YYZ Living Magazine, and myself attended and checked out the new location which we will definitely be returning to since we could not get enough. We hung out on the bar side, but by glancing over to the dining room side of the restaurant we had an automatic urge to come back for dinner in the near future.

Above are images of some of the delicious treats we had served to us. One thing we did notice and were very impressed by was how attentive their servers were and how friendly they were, which is a big bonus in my books!

Here we are (Theresa Kim and I)  having a great time at the event, regardless of the horrendous monsoon we experienced on our way; yet we made it and had a great time. We will definitely be back to enjoy the rest of the menu at Blowfish Restaurant & Sake Bar, will I be seeing you there too??

With Love,


TNT Yorkville’s 20th Anniversary w/ Special Guest Nicole Richie

14 May

On May 12th, 2011 we attended the 20th anniversary celebration of TNT in Yorkville where special guest, Nicole Richie, was in attendance mingling with the guests. As we entered we noticed the bar with specialty drinks named after the event, as well as a table of on-the-spot made sushi which was filled with attendees waiting on the yummy delights. As we entered the store we were captured by the colourful blocks of clothing they had set up in different sections of the store. Below is a glimpse of some of the outfits they had set up around the store:

The Hazelton Lane location of TNT brought out exclusive guests to, not only celebrate their anniversary, but to meet and mingle with Nicole Richie herself. As we walked in we asked “I wonder where Nicole Richie is?” Then we saw a small group of people all gather in one spot…There she was! She was walking through the store mingling and interacting with the guests and we immediately noticed how precious she was, beyond beautiful! Of course, it was eventually our turn to mingle with her and she agreed to even take a picture.

Nicole Richie and I

At the event there was also a preview of NARCES that will be available in September at TNT. The line is mainly designed by Nikki Wirthensohn, a finalist of TFI’s New Labels Design Competition. Nikki was present speaking to people about her collection as well as taking pictures with some models wearing some of the top pieces, which definitely caught our attention. The following are some pictures I took to give you an idea of the latest NARCES collection:

Nikki Wirthensohn(right) and model

In attendance was Bonnie Yam, the winner of Fashionista’s Den 2011 by Passion for Fashion (Youth Employment Services & TFI). She was of course mingling wearing some of her most gorgeous pieces, a necklace and ring by her very unique Roxx Jewellery collection.

Now I must highlight this outfit that was by far my favourite out of all the pieces I saw in the store. With the summer coming up, and so many “all white” parties and event invitations and even yacht parties this seemed to be a very fitting outfit. I must also mention gorgeous! the blend of whites looked great, the off white handbag stood out in a very complimentary manner and of course the jewellery added a lavish touch we all love. Yet as a supporter of local and upcoming talent, I would replace it with a piece by Roxx Jewellery!

The store had a spacious layout with an easy-to-find format, since most of the items were organized by colour followed by style. You should definitely check it out and go for a visit to get a feel of different brands and designers that are carried within the wonderland that is Yorkville.

With Love,


Markaz VIP Patio Launch

14 May

On May 5th, 2011 I was invited to the exclusive VIP patio launch at Markaz Middle Eastern and Pakistani Grill & Shisha Lounge. As soon as we walked in, I went with Theresa Kim of YYZ Living Magazine, we were guided to the VIP patio reserved especially for their exclusive guests. The ambiance was brilliant! There was arabic music playing in the background at just the right volume, loud enough to enjoy but low enough to mingle with other guests without the need to scream into each other’s ears. The white couches with the red fabric accents really set the middle eastern mood, and even though the lounge is located downtown Toronto you really get absorbed into the middle eastern atmosphere that brings out a sense of peacefulness.

Delicious "Pharaoh's Delight" along with the shisha we offered and our gift bags.

Markaz quickly climbed to the top of my favourite hang out spots for the summer, so if you are ever interested in coming for a visit you may just run into me there! Markaz is located on 222 Richmond Street West and has a parking lot right across there street for the incredible convenience of those driving, and it is just down the street from the club district downtown for those who prefer public transit. Markaz has a full dining room as well as comfy couches for those just wanting to enjoy shisha and drinks; also an upstairs patio for the general public and a small cover charge allows for reservations and an exclusive spot in their VIP patio (that is where you will find me on nice days).

Markaz VIP patio as featured on YYZ Living Magazine

Myself and Theresa Kim of YYZ Living Magazine

The beautiful main entrance of Markaz

Check out the link above for more information on Markaz on their Facebook page. I definitely recommend you visit if you are into trying new things, or are already a fan of shisha and exotic yet delicious appetizers, lunch and/or dinners.

With Love,

A Passion For Fashion Awards by YES & TFI

14 May

Last summer, I wrote a post on fashion business based workshops brought to you by Youth Employment Services (YES) and Toronto Fashion Incubator (TFI), “A Passion for Fashion”. After the completion of all 6 workshops there was a chance to enter the “Fashionista’s Den” competition where the winner was to obtain a chance at an exclusive one year membership with TFI, $1000 to get your business started and 50 hours of business advisory and fashion mentorship.

On April 27th, 2011 The Passion For Fashion Awards were held at the Drake Hotel and hosted by the organizer and coordinator of the workshops, Gail McInnes. The top 10 finalists were present along with their business plans which were required to be completed in order to enter the Fashionista’s Den. We were able to look through the extensive business plans and it was evident that the finalists and contestants worked very hard and put a lot of time and effort to get to their top 10 spots.

All of the finalists were introduced one by one by Gail McInnes along with a slide of their presentations so the audience got an idea of what their fashion business plans were and what they were trying to establish throughout their journey at A Passion For Fashion. Finally, Bonnie Yam (as pictured above with Gail) was announced as the winner of the Fashionista’s Den, who has a jewellery line by the name of “Roxx”. I remember sitting next to Bonnie during the workshops and she was always a sweet and attentive girl consistent at willing to learn, never did I think her jewellery line would be beyond gorgeous! When I saw the look book and her business plan I was blown away at the caliber of detail, uniqueness and elegance of her pieces.

Bonnie Yam's Business Plan for Roxx

Roxx Look Book

Andy Jones, Designer & Top 10 Finalist at Fashionista's Den

The event was a true success and there is no doubt that all of the finalists will walk away with knowledge of the industry and experience that they could not have received anywhere else but at the Passion for Fashion workshops by YES & TFI. In case you are interested in entering the Fashionista’s Den or attending the free workshops by YES, or even getting more information on the program, check out the Passion for Fashion link above.

With Love,


HUGO BOSS F/W 2011 Presentation

14 May

On April 20th, 2011 we were invited to a private and invite only presentation of the latest Hugo Boss F/W 2011 collection. The event was held at their Bloor St store and the attendees included a select few in the industry; such as Nolan Bryant (Fashion Blogger), Theresa Kim (YYZ Living Magazine), Ally Lesniak (Girls of TO) and Spiro Mandylor (Fashion Blogger). The new collection included some precious pieces to keep us ladies warm in the fall and winter months, as well as gorgeous suits and man bags for men.

Here is a glimpse of the upcoming F/W 2011 women’s pieces you will see in stores:

I am a huge fan of the purple stripped blazer which can really add a touch to a solid coloured outfit. The grey belted sweater adds a chique touch to the poncho look, which was a success paired with thigh high black boots that the model was wearing. I particularly love that all the above pieces are very much wearable in either dressier situations or during more casual circumstances. Hugo Boss really brings out that wearable luxury to our wardrobes.

Below are some of the men’s pieces of the upcoming season on the frozen still, yet gorgeous, male models:

I fell in love with many of the men’s pieces! I strongly believe that men really can’t go wrong with Hugo Boss in their wardrobe. The light grey and charcoal suits featured above were made from very unique materials that are not often seen in men’s suits, which added a sense of uniqueness and elegance to the pieces. The grey sweater with the black buckles really stood out as a piece to add elegance and class to any man, and looked very warm too; perfect for the fall and winter seasons. How could we disregard discussing the colourful outfit with the red-orange pants and the navy blue blazer. The way this outfit was put together toned down the brightness of the pants in a very complimentary way and in exchange the coloured pants really added character to the blazer. This model just looked too much fun while wearing this outfit!

We cannot forget the gorgeous, yet versatile, man bags that were also featured at the presentation:

The man bags really stood out to be because of their versatility since they could be worn with dressy or casual outfits. The deep red bag with the brown accents was a perfect example of this as it was paired with a light grey suit which it complimented in a very unique way. The brown bag with the front pockets had an English riding bag feel to it which really stood out and seems to potentially add that extra bit of class to any outfit it is paired with. The brown bag in the middle image is much more simple as compared to the other two bags featured which allows for the ability for it to be paired with many types of outfits; definitely a staple piece to have.

Hugo Boss’ F/W 2011 collection certainly proves to be successful in having pieces to accent anyone’s wardrobe and compliments everyone’s outfit. I most definitely recommend you go out and check them out for yourselves as soon as these pieces are placed in stores late summer 2011. Hope you enjoyed the preview!

With Love,


How to Find a Job Using Social Media and N’etiquette 101 – My Experience

3 Aug

On the 29th of July, I went to a workshop that was offered at York University by the Career Centre which was called “How to Find a Job Using Social Media and N’Etiquette 101”. The workshop focused on different social media websites one could use in order for people who are looking for a job to get their name out there beyond a faxed in resume. This workshop also touched upon etiquette over the internet, how to speak to perspective employers and a small tutorial as to how to sign up to LinkedIn and its uses and purposes.

I found the workshop very informative and gave me more of an intro to LinkedIn, which was one of the main purposes to my attendance. Another purpose to my attendance was to obtain more information about the uses of social media in finding a job, particularly since the use of social media is so essential to Public Relations. The lady facilitating the workshop was fairly new to the idea and use to social media, since she had been asked to learn about it particularly for the purpose of teaching this workshop.  

My most interesting and intriguing find at this workshop was that most of the people in attendance had this certain level of fear of social media, which mainly had to do with privacy rights and how much of their personal information was going to be displayed over the world wide web. It was as if the internet was a threat to them, rather than an important tool in aiding them to find the job they are looking for. Most people attending this workshop, I believe, would also benefit from one that is centered around WHY the use of the internet is so essential to their job hunting and how important it is to network with perspective employers or people within their career fields.

Overall, I found this workshop to be interesting, informative and had a lot of information to offer when it came to the basic understanding of social media tools over the internet and their purposes; yet it would be delightful to be able to attend a workshop that peels more of those social media layers for a further understanding of how to use social media to one’s job seeking advantages.

With Love,