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I’ve Moved! | Introducing www.AStyleSoiree.com

11 Mar

A Style Soiree - A Latina  Soiree


Wondering where I’ve been?
I have been busy updating the all new A Style Soiree!

I’ve moved my blog to http://www.astylesoiree.com
Please visit me there from now on and stay updated all the chic fashion, beauty, lifestyle and culture happenings and events!

With Love,


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30 Jul


Follow our A Style Soiree Tumblr!

Thank you!

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The Next Chapter

23 Jul

I’m back!
Yes, I know… It has been a while!

I had to put my beloved blog on hold during my last year of university (you may know how crazy busy that time gets!) and following that I took some time to launch my career; which I have done successfully.

You may notice that I have changed the name from “The Fabulous Life of that PR Lady”  to “A Style Soiree”. I did a little bit of a re-brand for various reasons. I have grown personally since my last post and I want this blog to grow with me. I have also branched out from PR to a career path that also involves advertising and marketing; as well as other very versatile roles.

Why “A Style Soiree” you ask?

I wanted to blend fashion, beauty, travel and wonderful every day experiences into my lovely blog; essentially mixing in my lifestyle and turning it into a delightful soiree – a social gathering of fun!

I hope you enjoy my upcoming posts and all that my next chapter has to offer.
If you’re new to reading my blog – Welcome to my style soiree!

With love,

It’s Only the Start

23 Jul

So I’ve been really working on this blog  trying to figure out a layout that fits and finalizing my thoughts on exactly what I want this blog to be about. Like many blogs I have read and love, this one could be strictly about fashion, or lifestyle, or my experiences, etc. But I have decided to make this a well rounded blog with a little bit of everything I and the life that comes with me has to offer.

As I mentioned before, I hope for this blog  to help out, guide and inform others interested in PR and how to achieve a career in it or maybe even learn from my experiences. So with this being said, I will be writing a lot about different adventures I involved myself in having to do with Public Relations and anything else that sorrounds it. Yet I do want to stay true to my personality (as random as it is) and also have this blog display other stories and articles about different adventures I may go on or about things I may run into in my daily life. I would ideally love for this to be a well rounded blog that contains experiences, adventures, stories and of course lots of fun.

I have been fortunate enough to be granted with many opportunites like being the C0-Director of the PR Committee at York University so I’m sure that will give me lots of PR related items to write about! As well, I am the Social Director of OLAS (Organization of Latin American Students) at York University, so that way I will have a lot of stories on event planning (cause we latinos sure know how to get a party started! :P).

So here is a small summary of what my aim for this blog is and what my ideas are behind it. I don’t want to limit this blog to one single subject, just like I don’t want to limit my life to one single experience or door to walk through. So with this, I hope you stay tuned to my blog and find my posts entertaining and fun and please dont hesitate to comment and let me know your thoughts! 🙂

With Love,