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I’ve Moved! | Introducing

11 Mar

A Style Soiree - A Latina  Soiree


Wondering where I’ve been?
I have been busy updating the all new A Style Soiree!

I’ve moved my blog to
Please visit me there from now on and stay updated all the chic fashion, beauty, lifestyle and culture happenings and events!

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Top Advent Calendars This Holiday Season!

20 Nov

I love advent calendars! The fact that you get a treat every day leading up to Christmas is a true joy in my books! As a little girl, my parents would get my brother and I chocolate advent calendars and I remember how difficult it was to not eat a few at once. Even though I did cheat once or twice (Oops!).

If I thought chocolate advent calendars were tough to be patient with, I am definitely in for a treat! Now that I am a grown lady, I have graduated from chocolate to more exciting items. Lucky for me, various brands have grown with me and made their advent calendars that much more exciting  as well! From nail polish to delicious tea – I want it all!

Here is a list, in no particular order, of the top 5 must-have advent calendars for this holiday season!

1) 12 Days of Essie

Essie, Nail Polish, Nail Art, Beauty, Cosmetics

It is no secret that Essie is one of my favourite nail polish brands of all time. So of course, this advent calendar stood out to me right away! 12 Days of Essie includes full size nail polish in various shades, Sleek Stick Nail appliques, and other wonderful surprises. This advent calendar can be purchased at Luxe Boutique for $68.00.

2) The Body Shop 2013 Advent Calendar Gift Set

The Body Shop, Gift Set, Beauty,  Advent Calendar, Skin Care

One thing I particularly love about The Body Shop 2013 Advent Calendar Gift Set is the variety! There are 24 items in total varying from body lotion, to body butter, to lip gloss, and the list goes on. This is a highly coveted item so I suggest you get yours asap! They are available, in limited quantities, at all The Body Shop locations for $75.00.

3) 24 Days of Tea

David's Tea, Advent, Advent Calendar, Christmas, Holiday Season

If you are the type to wrap up a long day with a cup of tea right before bed, like myself, this advent calendar was made for you! Especially if you’re a fan of David’s Tea! Imagine savouring a different type of tea for the 24 days leading up to Christmas…. Bliss! This item is a must-have for tea lovers; which is probably why it is sold out online, but you can still find it in stores for $34.50.

4) Ciate Mini Mani Month

Ciate, Sephora, Manicure, Nails, Beauty, Nail Art

Ciate has released the cutest mini mani advent calendar ever! It includes various shades, as well as sequins and glitter to add that holiday dazzle to your nails. Ciate became known for their caviar polish, which is also included in this set! 24 days of nail art fun won’t make Christmas so difficult to wait for will it? This advent calendar can be found at Sephora for $69.00.

5) Countdown to Love

Benefit, Cosmetics, Beauty, Cosmetics, Advent Calendar

Last, but most definitely not least, we have an advent calendar by a brand  that every girl I know loves to love – Benefit Cosmetics! Their Countdown to Love Advent Calendar contains 24 little treasures that I have no doubt we will all fall head over heels for. The treasures vary from eye cream, to eye liner, to a lovely charm bracelet and bow barrette. You can find out more details about this lovely set on the Benefit website. I recommend you don’t wait too long as this item is already sold out online! Hurry in to purchase this advent calendar at Sephora for $68.00.

Those are my top 5 advent calendars for the 2013 holiday season! Hope you liked my suggestions as much as I do. Let me know which one you got in the comments below!

With Love,

Ukamaku Closet Sale!

17 Jul


I’m SO Vain!

17 Jul

Ladies, singles and in groups, dashed into Vogue Supperclub on Saturday, June 25th for the much anticipated “I’m So Vain” event organized by V:Space Studio and Ilaika. All attendees, dressed in their most fashionable spring/summer outfits while all dolled-up, looked very excited to arrive to the event that encouraged them to embrace and celebrate beauty procedures and treatments beyond a visit to Sephora or MAC Cosmetics.

The main goal of the event was to educate and allow women to indulge in different services and procedures directly from the professionals. Some of the companies in attendance were Winks Eyelash Boutique, Skin Spa & Cosmetic Clinic Malibu Sugar, Beautifully Bare Hi-Tech Spa, and Live It Up Events. The services ranged from laser hair removal to eyelash extensions to even botox parties; which definitely allowed us ladies to embrace our oh-so-vain characteristics.

The guests walked along booth to booth in order to get, not only information about different treatments and products, but special one time only guest offers that many ladies took advantage of. The guest also enjoyed delicious oh d’ouvres and drinks to influence mingling and discussing of the event and what it had to offer. The event also had a special Diet Coke trailer, partnered with Joe Fresh, which had a lounge set up for ladies to touch up their look as they continued to enjoy the event; and of course, were handed Diet Cokes in the cutest little glass
bottles to keep everyone’s thirst quenched! The trailer displayed some pieces
from the Joe Fresh “Fresh off the Runway” collection for ladies to look

The event most definitely allowed women to come together and celebrate beauty treatments, that may seem god’s gifts to some but taboo to others; but most importantly encouraged the guests to be educated on safe and professionally performed treatments. For more information on this event and for a full vendor list, you can check out the official I’m So Vain Blog by clicking
. So remember ladies, when we feel the need to be oh-so vain and try
out some of these procedures, ensure that you are well educated and don’t ever
be shy to ask questions!

With Love,



TNT Yorkville’s 20th Anniversary w/ Special Guest Nicole Richie

14 May

On May 12th, 2011 we attended the 20th anniversary celebration of TNT in Yorkville where special guest, Nicole Richie, was in attendance mingling with the guests. As we entered we noticed the bar with specialty drinks named after the event, as well as a table of on-the-spot made sushi which was filled with attendees waiting on the yummy delights. As we entered the store we were captured by the colourful blocks of clothing they had set up in different sections of the store. Below is a glimpse of some of the outfits they had set up around the store:

The Hazelton Lane location of TNT brought out exclusive guests to, not only celebrate their anniversary, but to meet and mingle with Nicole Richie herself. As we walked in we asked “I wonder where Nicole Richie is?” Then we saw a small group of people all gather in one spot…There she was! She was walking through the store mingling and interacting with the guests and we immediately noticed how precious she was, beyond beautiful! Of course, it was eventually our turn to mingle with her and she agreed to even take a picture.

Nicole Richie and I

At the event there was also a preview of NARCES that will be available in September at TNT. The line is mainly designed by Nikki Wirthensohn, a finalist of TFI’s New Labels Design Competition. Nikki was present speaking to people about her collection as well as taking pictures with some models wearing some of the top pieces, which definitely caught our attention. The following are some pictures I took to give you an idea of the latest NARCES collection:

Nikki Wirthensohn(right) and model

In attendance was Bonnie Yam, the winner of Fashionista’s Den 2011 by Passion for Fashion (Youth Employment Services & TFI). She was of course mingling wearing some of her most gorgeous pieces, a necklace and ring by her very unique Roxx Jewellery collection.

Now I must highlight this outfit that was by far my favourite out of all the pieces I saw in the store. With the summer coming up, and so many “all white” parties and event invitations and even yacht parties this seemed to be a very fitting outfit. I must also mention gorgeous! the blend of whites looked great, the off white handbag stood out in a very complimentary manner and of course the jewellery added a lavish touch we all love. Yet as a supporter of local and upcoming talent, I would replace it with a piece by Roxx Jewellery!

The store had a spacious layout with an easy-to-find format, since most of the items were organized by colour followed by style. You should definitely check it out and go for a visit to get a feel of different brands and designers that are carried within the wonderland that is Yorkville.

With Love,


Ukamaku Spring & Summer Pop-Up Shop!

23 Mar


FGI Designer Sample Sale!

25 Nov


Lanvin’s Thoughts on H&M Collaboration

2 Nov

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Lanvin for H&M

2 Nov

Lanvin will be collaborating with H&M in a line that will be released in North American on the 20th of November and we can NOT wait! In the past, designers like Jimmy Choo, Stella McCartney and Karl Lagerfeld have collaborated with H&M to bring us high fashion designs at affordable prices. Now Lanvin has decided to join the above designers to mix both components of high fashion and fast fashion; since the reality is that 95% of women cannot afford Lanvin, so the fashion house is allowing us to have a taste. Click here for the official Press Release for this collaboration. Below is a video to get you even more excited for this collaboration, which was recently released to aid in the promotion process of the campaign:

This collaboration began with H&M’s approach to the fashion house with the idea, even though Lanvin is not known for mass market collections. Yet as the artistic director for Lanvin, Alber Elbaz, explains he was intrigued with the idea of H&M going more luxury, rather than Lanvin going more public. Elbaz went on to explain that he chose to go with the idea since it was not about being “cool” and what is cool at the moment, it was more of the relevance of the idea to fashion and its timing. He was quoted saying, “This has been an exceptional exercise, where two companies at opposite poles can work together because we share the same philosophy of bringing joy and beauty to men and women around the world,”. This is exactly what this joining of forces is about, it is about the idea of bringing that Lanvin lifestyle, to a certain extent to the general public, while still keeping the idea of Lanvin as a luxury brand.

Check out the H&M website for more on, not only was else the store has to offer, but click here for the particular Lanvin section of the website where there is an insightful video on the designer’s thoughts on the collaboration.

With Love,




Prada to Launch “Made In…” World Line

18 Oct

Prada is to launch a “Made in…” world line to celebrate and indulge in Global Luxury. The line is to be released in the upcoming year and will include designs  inspired by the countries of choice and made from iconic materials of those countries. For example, the “Made in Scotland” pieces will include tartan wool kilts.

Of course, we are proud that Peru is recognized by Prada  to have influence on world fashion and seen as iconic; since they are releasing a line of alpaca wool knitwear. We all know how great alpaca wool is! and if not, get out there and get a feel for it!  

So what other countries are you hoping for that Prada makes designs to represent?

With Love,