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I’ve Moved! | Introducing

11 Mar

A Style Soiree - A Latina  Soiree


Wondering where I’ve been?
I have been busy updating the all new A Style Soiree!

I’ve moved my blog to
Please visit me there from now on and stay updated all the chic fashion, beauty, lifestyle and culture happenings and events!

With Love,


Internship Opportunity – Butter PR

9 Mar

A unique PR internship opportunity has come up and I had to share it with everyone! I was forwarded this email by Magnet Creative and figured it would be a great opportunity to get a different aspect of the PR industry than what we are regularly used to, the food industry. Good Luck!

With Love,


Butter Public Relations: Internship Opportunity (Part-time)

15-20 Hours per week for 3 months
Ideally between the hours of 10 and 2 – 3 days a week: Mon/Weds/Fri preferred.
Open to current marketing, communications or public relations students or recent graduates only
High standard of quality and work ethic is a must
Appreciation of many different types of music and able to deal with repetitive pop and indie rock tracks.
Strong writing, research and fact-checking skills
Overall wicked / positive / problem solving / perceptive attitude.
Exceptional knowledge of food, the Canadian food market, chefs, restaurants, media, food events and key players
Practical public relations, event management and people skills are a huge bonus
Socially capable of handling yourself autonomously at various events
Intermediate computer skills are essential: Photoshop, Excel, Word, WordPress, Excel, Illustrator and Excel (we mentioned excel right?)
Social Media savvy in a professional capacity (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, WordPress, Tumblr, Linked In)
Must be comfortable working remotely or from a home office setting.

Current resume shouldn’t be longer than two pages in PDF format, not written in Times New Roman.
Cover letter must answer the following questions:
Why do you want to work for Butter PR?
What types of blogs interest you, what is the name of yours?
What types of Social Media do you use?
What is the name of your favourite restaurant?
Name your favourite meal?
Do you cook?
On average how much time do you spend on Tumblr?
What is your favourite kitchen tool and why?
Separate from your cover letter and resume, write a review of your favourite restaurant in no more than 200 words. If you want to include a photo of the restaurant, provide the appropriate credit.
In 50 words or less tell us your 5 year career goal.

Please send above items to with the subject “BUTTER INTERN”
Deadline to apply is Wednesday, March 16, 2011 5:00p.m. EST.
Do not send your resume using a Hotmail account
Only those who meet the qualifications and are being considered will be contact. Thank you for your interest.

Magnet Creative Internship Opportunity!

20 Jan

Below is a flaming hot internship opportunity with one of the top fashion public relations and management agencies in Toronto. Magnet Creative has an amazing reputation within the industry and it would truly be an honour to obtain this position. For more information on the company check out Don’t hesitate to apply and good luck with your application!

With Love,



Magnet Creative Management
Fashion PR & Marketing
Internship Opportunity (Part-Time)

– 1 – 2 days per week, or a minimum 2 half days for a 3 to 4 month period starting asap
– Typically Mon – Fri 9am – 6pm, however during busier times or during special projects, this may extend outside regular business hours
– Open to current fashion, communications, and public relations students or recent grads only
– Should have a high standard of quality; strong work ethic
– Ability to see how to improve or grow
– Strong writing and research skills
– Overall positive attitude
– Excellent knowledge of the Canadian fashion industry, including media and key players
– Practical event management or public relations experience is a bonus
– Intermediate computer skills essential; Adobe Photoshop, Word, Excel, WordPress
– Professionally social media savvy (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.)
– Comfortable working from a small home office environment located at College/Ossington area in Toronto


To apply, please follow these instructions closely. (Those who do not complete these instructions, will automatically be not be considered.):

– Current resume (no longer than 2 pages, in pdf format).
– Cover letter in the body of your email, no more than 100 words, which includes your weekly availability, any links to any blog, Twitter or Facebook account you may have.
– Three business references.
– Tell me who you admire in the Canadian fashion industry and why in less than 50 words. (They must be currently living and working in Canada.)
– Tell me in under 50 words or less what your 5 year career goal is.
– Tell me the most inspiring book or documentary you have recently read or watched.
– Please send your email to with the subject: “MAGNET INTERNSHIP”.
– Deadline to apply is Friday, January 21, 2010 at 5:00pm EST. Only those who are under consideration will be contacted.

Thank you!

Kelly Cutrone is the New Dr. Phil Correspondent

8 Nov

 The brilliant Kelly Cutrone, that we all love and hate but can’t help but love anyways, announced on Thursday, November 4th, 2010 that she will be the new Dr Phil correspondent via Twitter. Her tweet was as follows:

@Peoplesrev: News Flash! I have been signed to @drphil as a Correspondent!! CBS daytime is loving the black – shout out to @drphil MORE 2 COME

 We are so delighted to see Miss Cutrone on Dr Phil, which by the way is a brilliant move on his part since, I personally think, it will cause ratings to rise particularly because of Kelly Cutrone fans not missing any episodes. Miss Cutrone is gutless in that she speaks her mind and is not afraid to tell people how it is; hence why her work will be so legendary on the Dr Phil show. Below is a clip of Kelly on the Dr Phil show this past Thursday; this clip shows the best and an even better part of Kelly in the second part:

 I am a huge fan of Kelly since, as she mentions in the clip, she has made her own way into the business and has created her own success. She is definitely a figure I look up to, not to be like her, but for guidance; hence why I am so particularly excited about seeing her more often on tv.

With Love,


Quote | Alan Harrington

5 Nov

Public relations specialists make flower arrangements of the facts,

placing them so that the wilted and less attractive petals are hidden

by sturdy blooms.

-­ Alan Harrington

With Love,


TIFF Needs Interns!

8 Sep

I received an email from Gail McInness, owner and operator of   Magnet Creative, a couple of days ago with the following details:

“Intern Opportunities for TIFF

We are looking for PR interns for A-List events happening during the Toronto International Film Festival!

Required skills:

Excellent attention to detail
Meticulous organization skills
Public relations education
Enthusiastic – must have a “can do” attitude with no complaining
Reliable – must commit to the role and arrive on time
Flexible – able to handle last minute changes and role placement
Hard worker – there may be long hours some days
Not shy to talk to media or speak up
Cannot be “star struck”
Preference will be given to those with previous celebrity or publicity experience or enrolled in related post-secondary program
Must be 19+
Greeting A-List celebrities on the red carpet
Announcing to media their arrival
Other duties as they arise
Black simple cocktail attire or black blouse/pants
Comfortable heels or shoes
Well groomed

These are the following dates & times we need people:

Friday, Sept 10
5pm – 1am
Sunday, Sept 12
11:30am – 2pm
5:00pm – 10pm
Monday, Sept 13
8pm – 12am
Tuesday, Sept 14
7:30pm – 11pm
Wednesday, Sept 15
7pm – 9pm
Thursday, Sept 16
10am – 1pm
5pm – 10pm
Friday, Sept 17
8pm – 11pm
If you are interested, please email with a brief description of your past public relations or related experience and the dates and times you are available before 5:00pm on Thursday, September 9.”

I personally applied for a position and I really hope I obtain it. I’m always looking for different opportunities and experiences to expand on my knowledge of the public relations industry. So wish me luck!!

With Love,


How to Find a Job Using Social Media and N’etiquette 101 – My Experience

3 Aug

On the 29th of July, I went to a workshop that was offered at York University by the Career Centre which was called “How to Find a Job Using Social Media and N’Etiquette 101”. The workshop focused on different social media websites one could use in order for people who are looking for a job to get their name out there beyond a faxed in resume. This workshop also touched upon etiquette over the internet, how to speak to perspective employers and a small tutorial as to how to sign up to LinkedIn and its uses and purposes.

I found the workshop very informative and gave me more of an intro to LinkedIn, which was one of the main purposes to my attendance. Another purpose to my attendance was to obtain more information about the uses of social media in finding a job, particularly since the use of social media is so essential to Public Relations. The lady facilitating the workshop was fairly new to the idea and use to social media, since she had been asked to learn about it particularly for the purpose of teaching this workshop.  

My most interesting and intriguing find at this workshop was that most of the people in attendance had this certain level of fear of social media, which mainly had to do with privacy rights and how much of their personal information was going to be displayed over the world wide web. It was as if the internet was a threat to them, rather than an important tool in aiding them to find the job they are looking for. Most people attending this workshop, I believe, would also benefit from one that is centered around WHY the use of the internet is so essential to their job hunting and how important it is to network with perspective employers or people within their career fields.

Overall, I found this workshop to be interesting, informative and had a lot of information to offer when it came to the basic understanding of social media tools over the internet and their purposes; yet it would be delightful to be able to attend a workshop that peels more of those social media layers for a further understanding of how to use social media to one’s job seeking advantages.

With Love,


Kelly Cutrone vs. She Does The City

21 Jul

As many of us know, Kelly Cutrone, the author of “If You Have To Cry Go Outside”and owner of PR Firm “People’s Revolution”, is to make a stop in Toronto as part of her book signing tour. Kelly was scheduled to arrive in Toronto on March the 14th and attend interviews with different media outlets, some of the appearances include MTV and a book signing at the Eaton Centre.

Kelly was set and scheduled to do an interview for the blog, “She Does The City”; both which I follow and maintain updated with via Twitter. The situation turned ugly when “She Does The City”tweeted about the potential interview with Cutrone stating, “Interviewing Kelly Cutrone on Monday. Got any questions for the wicked witch of PR?”. Kelly quickly responded upon discovering this insulting tweet, since she constantly checks any updates related to People’s Revolution and Cutrone herself. Kelly replied to the tweet “@shedoesthecity ask her why she cancels interviews with people who call her a wicked witch – write your own piece – i am not giving you 10-15 minutes of my fucking precious time”.

Since then, “She Does The City” has released an apology on their website( since it is evident that everyone who is anyone, or no one for that fact, in this business NEEDS to be in Kelly’s “good books”. As mentioned before, I follow both on Twitter, and prior to this clash I saw the tweet and thought to myself, “I really don’t think Kelly will like this, It’s disrespectful” and a couple of hours later, I heard the news of the cancelled interview.

I believe that regardless of who your are and what your position is, business is business, and it is essential to maintain a certain level of professionalism regardless of what field you are in. As much as I love the blog page and follow it, in this case for “She Does The City” it was an open mouth-insert foot situation and from this we are learning the lesson to watch what we say and never ever get too “fresh”, particularly with Miss Cutrone.

With Love,

* For those who are interested, here is a Twitpic and proof of the exchange in words between the two parties.

***This article was originally written by me on March 15th, 2010 at the height of the issue. I chose to publish it now since it is a reflection of a mistake many do make and this situation teaches us a brilliant lesson for us to take with us in our professional careers.

Do It Yourself PR: Press Release 101

20 Jul

I ran into this on another blog. I found it extremely useful and informative and figured it could be of help to someone else 🙂

With Love,


Credit: Young, Fabulous & Self Employed Blog

I Introduce You To…

24 Jun
….Me! 🙂

I’m Christie and I like to consider myself  an aspiring Public Relations mogul. Yes, I do want to be a big deal in the industry, I want my name to be known in a very successful way and I want to be the “go to” girl for the industry’s biggest names.

I am a young girl with huge goals, dreams and aspirations; I wanna do and conquer all! To some this may seem very ambitious, but that’s exactly what I am. Ambition is a very important characteristic to have; if you dream big and act to achieve big, then you will get big.

I took interest in PR in a very random way. It started when one day, years ago (while I was convinced I wanted to get into law), I watched the movie “Jersey Girl”; particularly the scene where Ben Affleck’s character directs the press and I thought to myself “What is that career? That’s what I want to do!” but I left it at that. Then I got addicted to Sex and the City and once again I wanted to follow in the foot steps of Samantha Jones (career wise, not dating wise). Following that, I went to college for a Liberal Arts program where in the same week I did a presentation and my prof assured me I had everything it took for a career in PR, my good friend Karla suggested I get into PR cause my perssonality fit the profile perfectly. I did my research on the career and decided PR is where I belong :).

From there I applied to York University where I am currently double majoring in Communications and Sociology, as well as am in the process of obtaining a certificate in spanish. On the side I have dipped my little feet in the PR industry by volunteering at Toronto Fashion Week under Brill Communications, a pr agency in charge of Toronto Fashion Week. I have also volunteered in other smaller fashion shows that they have worked with within the city and have loved every second of it.

So here is my brief introduction to the life of a classy, fabulous and aspiring PR mogul. Hope you enjoyed reading and I’m sure you will learn much more about me in the blog posts to come.

With Love,