A *Latina* Soiree

A Latina Soiree has moved to www.astylesoiree.com. Please visit me there!

Hola Belleza!

I would like to introduce to you, A Latina Soiree!

A Latina Soiree will compliment A Style Soiree by featuring topics and posts that Latinas can relate to, engage with, and overall love! As a proud 20-something Latina, born in Peru,  I realized that I was missing a source beauty, fashion and lifestyle that I could directly identify with my culture. I have been an avid reader of Latina Magazine for years, but I felt that I was missing a Canadian source that I could truly identify with. That’s where the idea of A Latina Soiree was born!

A Latina Soiree posts will be integrated into A Style Soiree but will feature that extra sizzle that we Latinas are known for; all while holding it’s own unique identity. Whether you identify yourself as Latina, or are of another culture, I welcome you to celebrate, relate and most certainly engage with A Latina Soiree. I hope that you enjoy the new chapter of A Style Soiree.

Con Amor,

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