Baby Harper Beckham Debuts at NY Fashion Week

9 Sep

Baby Harper Beckham made her very first debut at New York Fashion Week and she is only 2 months old. Little princess Beckham has been seen all over New York City and it comes to no surprise since we are very aware of who her parents are. Victoria is showing her 7th collection this September 11th at the New York Public Library; which is a true landmark to the city and has been featured in movies like Sex and the City and Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Victoria has been seen minus her trademark sky high heels since she has been advised by her doctor to stick to flats having suffered a shifted disk in her spine during Harper’s birth. Talk about baby ouch! Below are more pictures of Victoria, the boys and baby Harper during their week in the city.

As shown in the image above, it is obvious that the Beckham boys are very welcoming to and excited about their new little sister. Now what I am most excited about is the cute and very fashionable little outfits Harper will have on as she grows. Watch out Suri Cruise!

I wish Victoria Beckham the best of luck with her new collection which I have no doubt will be an incredibly successful one since her pieces are just brilliant!

With Love,

Photo Credit: Hello Magazine, 2011


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