TNT Yorkville’s 20th Anniversary w/ Special Guest Nicole Richie

14 May

On May 12th, 2011 we attended the 20th anniversary celebration of TNT in Yorkville where special guest, Nicole Richie, was in attendance mingling with the guests. As we entered we noticed the bar with specialty drinks named after the event, as well as a table of on-the-spot made sushi which was filled with attendees waiting on the yummy delights. As we entered the store we were captured by the colourful blocks of clothing they had set up in different sections of the store. Below is a glimpse of some of the outfits they had set up around the store:

The Hazelton Lane location of TNT brought out exclusive guests to, not only celebrate their anniversary, but to meet and mingle with Nicole Richie herself. As we walked in we asked “I wonder where Nicole Richie is?” Then we saw a small group of people all gather in one spot…There she was! She was walking through the store mingling and interacting with the guests and we immediately noticed how precious she was, beyond beautiful! Of course, it was eventually our turn to mingle with her and she agreed to even take a picture.

Nicole Richie and I

At the event there was also a preview of NARCES that will be available in September at TNT. The line is mainly designed by Nikki Wirthensohn, a finalist of TFI’s New Labels Design Competition. Nikki was present speaking to people about her collection as well as taking pictures with some models wearing some of the top pieces, which definitely caught our attention. The following are some pictures I took to give you an idea of the latest NARCES collection:

Nikki Wirthensohn(right) and model

In attendance was Bonnie Yam, the winner of Fashionista’s Den 2011 by Passion for Fashion (Youth Employment Services & TFI). She was of course mingling wearing some of her most gorgeous pieces, a necklace and ring by her very unique Roxx Jewellery collection.

Now I must highlight this outfit that was by far my favourite out of all the pieces I saw in the store. With the summer coming up, and so many “all white” parties and event invitations and even yacht parties this seemed to be a very fitting outfit. I must also mention gorgeous! the blend of whites looked great, the off white handbag stood out in a very complimentary manner and of course the jewellery added a lavish touch we all love. Yet as a supporter of local and upcoming talent, I would replace it with a piece by Roxx Jewellery!

The store had a spacious layout with an easy-to-find format, since most of the items were organized by colour followed by style. You should definitely check it out and go for a visit to get a feel of different brands and designers that are carried within the wonderland that is Yorkville.

With Love,


2 Responses to “TNT Yorkville’s 20th Anniversary w/ Special Guest Nicole Richie”

  1. Tallulah Doll February 12, 2013 at 12:28 AM #

    Hey Christie — glad I came across your blog, you seem like a cool girl.

    Great coverage on here. I also like Nicole Richie, I heard her talk @the Teen Vogue conference and learned a lot from her. She’s an awesome entrepreneur. I’ve also discovered Bonnie Yam recently and was impressed with her icy collection.

    xo Iddie

    • Christie L. February 12, 2013 at 12:32 PM #

      Heyy! Thanks so much! Yes, Nicole Richie was very sweet and she definitely is someone to look up to. Bonnie is an awesome girl and soooo talented! I took the Passion for Fashion workshops with her 🙂

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