HUGO BOSS F/W 2011 Presentation

14 May

On April 20th, 2011 we were invited to a private and invite only presentation of the latest Hugo Boss F/W 2011 collection. The event was held at their Bloor St store and the attendees included a select few in the industry; such as Nolan Bryant (Fashion Blogger), Theresa Kim (YYZ Living Magazine), Ally Lesniak (Girls of TO) and Spiro Mandylor (Fashion Blogger). The new collection included some precious pieces to keep us ladies warm in the fall and winter months, as well as gorgeous suits and man bags for men.

Here is a glimpse of the upcoming F/W 2011 women’s pieces you will see in stores:

I am a huge fan of the purple stripped blazer which can really add a touch to a solid coloured outfit. The grey belted sweater adds a chique touch to the poncho look, which was a success paired with thigh high black boots that the model was wearing. I particularly love that all the above pieces are very much wearable in either dressier situations or during more casual circumstances. Hugo Boss really brings out that wearable luxury to our wardrobes.

Below are some of the men’s pieces of the upcoming season on the frozen still, yet gorgeous, male models:

I fell in love with many of the men’s pieces! I strongly believe that men really can’t go wrong with Hugo Boss in their wardrobe. The light grey and charcoal suits featured above were made from very unique materials that are not often seen in men’s suits, which added a sense of uniqueness and elegance to the pieces. The grey sweater with the black buckles really stood out as a piece to add elegance and class to any man, and looked very warm too; perfect for the fall and winter seasons. How could we disregard discussing the colourful outfit with the red-orange pants and the navy blue blazer. The way this outfit was put together toned down the brightness of the pants in a very complimentary way and in exchange the coloured pants really added character to the blazer. This model just looked too much fun while wearing this outfit!

We cannot forget the gorgeous, yet versatile, man bags that were also featured at the presentation:

The man bags really stood out to be because of their versatility since they could be worn with dressy or casual outfits. The deep red bag with the brown accents was a perfect example of this as it was paired with a light grey suit which it complimented in a very unique way. The brown bag with the front pockets had an English riding bag feel to it which really stood out and seems to potentially add that extra bit of class to any outfit it is paired with. The brown bag in the middle image is much more simple as compared to the other two bags featured which allows for the ability for it to be paired with many types of outfits; definitely a staple piece to have.

Hugo Boss’ F/W 2011 collection certainly proves to be successful in having pieces to accent anyone’s wardrobe and compliments everyone’s outfit. I most definitely recommend you go out and check them out for yourselves as soon as these pieces are placed in stores late summer 2011. Hope you enjoyed the preview!

With Love,


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