“Less is More” With Celebrity Make-Up Artist Paul Venoit

21 Apr

On Thursday, April 19th, 2011 we attended an event at the ROM with special guest celebrity make-up artist  and beauty expert Paul Venoit. The night was brought to us by High Road Communications and hosted by the lovely Gail McInnes of Magnet Creative. It was a private and exclusive event to raise awareness and promote a new product that will aid us in dealing with terrible cold sores which turned out to be a truly wonderful gathering of some wonderful people in the industry. The event promoting ColdSoreFX, from the makers of the life saving ColdFX,  brought out Theresa Kim of YYZ Living Magazine, Septembre Anderson of J’Adore Fashion Blog, as well as Ally Lesniak and Dani Goddard of GirlsofTO.

Paul Venoit & Myself

Paul Venoit informed us during his presentation as to how to treat cold sores, which turn out to be a more common  than we think issue when it comes to make up artistry. His message was “Less is more!”; in the case of a cold sore we must lightly brush over it with a concealer fading it away rather than covering it up. Paul also made it clear that we must never, ever bring out red or pink lipsticks or glosses in an attempt to camouflage them since that will fail miserably! Following his presentation the attendees of the event were invited to get make-up touch ups by one of Paul Venoit’s leading make-up professionals, who by the way did a brilliant job. We then proceeded to take picture and mingle with Paul who is a delightful individual, full of energy and fun.

Paul Venoit of Look-A-Like (the TV Show), who has worked with celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Taylor Swift, educated us against the stereotypes and myths of cold sores that many people have relating them to sexually transmitted diseases or infections; which is in fact not true. They can happen to anyone at any point in time and it is important that we learn about them and learn how to treat them. Paul Venoit has tried out the new product Cold Sore FX and swears by it since according to his conclusion through using the product it is effective and it works! So if cold sores are an issue for you always remember, beauty expert Paul Venoit finds it very effective and when it comes to coverage, less is more!

With Love,


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