MTV Europe Music Awards – Best & Worst Dressed

8 Nov

The MTV Europe Music Awards were held this past weekend in Madrid, Spain and here are my picks for the best and worst dressed females of the show.

Best Dressed:

Eva Longoria-Parker



Worst Dressed:

Taylor Momsen


Natasha Gilbert

My Thoughts:

The best dressed ladies were definitely a hit without a single doubt for the event. Shakira is usually a hit or miss when she attends events with her wardrobe, but this time she happens to have picked the right stylist! The dress she wore hugged her curves in all the right places and really emphasized the curves on her small frame. Eva Longoria I find has recently picked up a “Victoria Beckham” style, particularly when it comes to the makeup for this event; but it is evident there is nothing wrong to say about her dress which is gorgeous! Rihanna looked fabulous in the very feminine piece that she wore which had a sense of serenity written all over it, yet her hair brought out a certain edge to the outfit as a whole.

The worst dressed ladies are fairly predictable when it comes to the “not so fabulous” of the wardrobes. Kesha and Taylor Momsen never ever disappoint when it comes to looking like white trash. They still haven’t quite gotten the concept that being in the spotlight does not allow you to play dress up out of a kindergarten classroom costume chest. Natasha Gilbert is not necessarily an A Lister, and this outfit is definitely not going to help her get there!

Just for Fun:

Here is a close up of Eva Longoria-Parker’s shoes by Brian Atwood; they are just gorgeous!

Eva Longoria-Parker's shoes by Brian Atwood

Below is a picture of Katy Perry’s outfit, which I don’t think is a best dressed, but it’s not a worst dressed either. It’s a very unique and creative piece and I do give her all the credit in the world for pulling it off and working it!

Katy Perry

Those are my thoughts on the best and worst dressed ladies of the show. What are your thoughts??

With Love,

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