Kelly Cutrone is the New Dr. Phil Correspondent

8 Nov

 The brilliant Kelly Cutrone, that we all love and hate but can’t help but love anyways, announced on Thursday, November 4th, 2010 that she will be the new Dr Phil correspondent via Twitter. Her tweet was as follows:

@Peoplesrev: News Flash! I have been signed to @drphil as a Correspondent!! CBS daytime is loving the black – shout out to @drphil MORE 2 COME

 We are so delighted to see Miss Cutrone on Dr Phil, which by the way is a brilliant move on his part since, I personally think, it will cause ratings to rise particularly because of Kelly Cutrone fans not missing any episodes. Miss Cutrone is gutless in that she speaks her mind and is not afraid to tell people how it is; hence why her work will be so legendary on the Dr Phil show. Below is a clip of Kelly on the Dr Phil show this past Thursday; this clip shows the best and an even better part of Kelly in the second part:

 I am a huge fan of Kelly since, as she mentions in the clip, she has made her own way into the business and has created her own success. She is definitely a figure I look up to, not to be like her, but for guidance; hence why I am so particularly excited about seeing her more often on tv.

With Love,



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