THOMAS// Debuts at LG Fashion Week

22 Oct


Michael and Drew Thomas, designer of THOMAS//, definitely satisfied the crowd at LF Fashion Week with their debut show at the event. The fashion design partners created their Season 3 pieces in a brilliant way as to speak volumes about the lack of need in separating the different season of fashion, whether it be Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter.

The show itself was very unique, particularly with the atmosphere it was successful in creating. Being at the show gave one a weird sense of tranquility and calm, even though the setting was one similar to that of a dark forest with crows flying above you; in reality, not a very settling atmosphere to be in. My personal opinion of the atmosphere was similar to one of a vampire/gothic era that meets high quality fashions. 

The pieces themselves were wonderful in that they had bold colour contrasts, the models where either in black, white or in light beige; there was rarely a mix of colours within the looks. The emphasis on the details of the pieces was more evident this way, and the layered looks only added to this. There were also quite a few hooded pieces which really called my attention and were some of my favourites of the show.

Overall, I love the way THOMAS// stands out from what we usually see at LG Fashion Week, with not only the pieces but with their setting of their show. THOMAS// is definitely a line to look out of in the upcoming seasons.

With Love,



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