I Wore Purple…Did You?

21 Oct

Yesterday, Oct 20th, there was a movement organized to wear the colour purple to raise awareness and commemorate the GLBT youth that have committed suicide due to bullying and homophobia. This movement spoke very loudly since by simply wearing the colour purple GLBT youth recognized the support that they have by the people within their communities.

The issue of homophobia against GLBT youth has been going on for years, but recently it has really hit our communities since there has been a wave of suicides by gay youth for the bullying and unacceptable that they have to endure within their every day lives.

People Magazine Cover - Oct 2010

People Magazine release an issue with a front cover that remembered the youth and made the situation aware to their readers and other people that simply walk by the magazine stands. I applaud the efforts of People Magazine to bring this issue to the surface and make people see that something has to be done, particularly by putting a face or identity to the stories we heard in the news.

There are many celebrities joining this movement, particularly through the It Gets Better campaign  which consists of many Youtube videos posting hopeful video messages for the youth reminding them that “It Gets Better”. Below are some of the celebrities that have joined the movement:

A video that particularly stood out to us is of Tim Gunn, from Project Runway, who for the first time admitted his experience as a gay youth and his suicide attempt and how glad he is that it was unsuccessful. Watch below:

GLBT youth are not alone, there are many people out there that have gone through what they are going through today and have gone on to lead extremely successful lives. It’s about educating people around us and ensuring thy know that it is ok to have different likes outside of the norms of society, and it is most of all ok to express yourself the best way you see fit. So together, along with organizations and projects like the “Make It Better” project and the “It Gets Better” campaign we will try our best to educate people and prevent teens with such high potentials from taking their own lives as a result of unfortunate circumstances.

With Love,



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