FilmFashionF1 Event at the Thompson Hotel

20 Oct

FilmFashionF1 held an event at the Thompson Hotel on October 19th, 2010. The event was held at a brilliant venue, you really can’t go wrong with the Thompson Hotel from my experience, and the crowd was fairly diverse. The crowd was composed of people within the fashion, film and of course the F1 industry, as well as other professionals in support of the event. We were given drink tickets for a “Bacardi Experience”, so the girls and I (Claudia DaPonte, Theresa Kim, and Ally Lesniak) tried out this pretty delicious berry drink.

Oh and how can I forget, Shane West, who is in town for a couple of months for the purpose of filming a new tv show, Nikita, was also in attendance. Of course, yours truly had the inner strength to approach him and he told me about the project he’s working on in town and that he is enjoying the city of Toronto.

Below are some pictures from the event:

Ally Lesniak, Theresa Kim, Claudia DaPonte and myself.

Jas of Savillian and Shaun of B.A.D PR

Fashionable Presentation

Myself and Shane West

With Love,



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