Dressed To Kill Magazine Event at AME

20 Oct

Last night, I attended the Dress To Kill Magazine event at AME in Toronto. I really enjoy the concept of the magazine so I figured it be a good idea to show my support, not only that, but they were to have a fashion presentation which I love to see.

The venue, AME, was a nice setting but the set up was very out of the ordinary when it comes to a location were a fashion show is about to happen. People were all over the place, mingling, dancing, drinking, dining as if it was just another day at the location; other than the new Dressed to Kill Magazines spread all over the tables. At approximately 12:30am we saw a small set up happening in the middle of the dance floor so when my friends (Julio Reyes-Cocka, Nicholas Sean, Claudia DaPonte, Ally Lesniak and Theresa Kim) and I approached we noticed 4 models being helped up to wood boxes. The presentation lasted for about a 2 minutes and it consisted of 4 looks, which really left us wanting more.

I’m not sure if the presentation was a tactic to get everyone in attendance to keep our eyes peeled for more, or they figured the four looks was enough; but one thing was evident: we were all left wanting more!

With Love,



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