Philip Sparks’ Women’s Line Launch in Toronto!

14 Oct

Earlier today, I was fortunate enough to get a FIRST LOOK at the new women’s line of Toronto based designer Philip Sparks. I was lucky enough to obtain a position to work at the launch event for the new line through Brill Communications.

The Spring 2011 line showcased gorgeous colours that whispered tranquility into the viewer’s ears; all while emphasizing the attention to detail that was paid to this line quite evident. Philip has a very unique way of designing and putting together very classic, timeless and sophisticated pieces.

Below are some of the looks by Philip Sparks for the Spring 2011 season:

The designs consisted of fairly neutral colours, which consisted of greys, blues, and browns, that spelt out a warm spring day. There was a lot of cuffing of the denim bottoms, and rolling up of the sleeves; whether it was done on a button up shirt or on one of the trench coats. I particularly loved the bottom up dress and the accessorizing of a thin belt within the women’s outfits. The bow ties on the men really stood out, as well as the accessories on them; such as the school boy bag and the mailman bag on two of the models.

Below is an image of Philip Sparks after the show, while getting many congratulations on the successful show and line:

Philip, I really do once again (in writing this time) congratulate you on the success of the launch of your women’s line and the show. I really do wish you success with the new line. Look out for me wearing one, if not some, of your pieces this upcoming Spring 2011.

With Love,



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