Philip Sparks’ Toronto Showroom

14 Oct

While at the presentation of the new line for Spring 2011 by Toronto based designer Philip Sparks, I was fortunate enough to visit Philip’s showroom and studio in Toronto.

Walking through Philip’s showroom was a whole experience on its own unlike any other I have experienced before.  Particularly since it was clear that the designer pays great attention to detail and really appreciates the true craftmanship that goes into designing a successful line.

I could not help but snap a couple of pictures while I was there since I was truly captured by the space in which Philip Sparks works in. The space took me back to the idea of older design houses which were not about mass fabrication, but about the detail and time it takes to make each piece. Throughout my visit, it was evident that Philip takes pride and time into the craft of designing the brilliant pieces which he offers to his buyers and consumers. Below is an image of Philip Sparks’ studio and the space in which he works in:

Philip Sparks' Studio

It was a brilliant opportunity to not only see the launch of his new Spring 2011 line while I was there, but to also see where it was all created. In the above image,  you can see the patterns hanging on the rack in the back and all I could think about while I was there was the process it took for those patterns to transform into pieces like the ones below.

Philip Sparks' Showroom

Philip Sparks' Showroom Collection

Men's Sweaters

Famous Bow Ties

I was a fan of  Philip Sparks prior to visiting his studio and seeing his show for the first time, yet experiencing all this has turned be into more than just a fan; it has become a commitment to the brand. I am now committed to the brand since I appreciate when a designer pays attention to such detail and really takes their time with the pieces as an art and a craft; as well as goes beyond contributing to the fashion world by simply just adding a couple of pieces of clothing to a season. Philip makes a statement that the true art and craft of fashion is here to stay well beyond the 21st century.

With Love,



2 Responses to “Philip Sparks’ Toronto Showroom”

  1. Vanessa October 15, 2010 at 1:23 AM #

    Great blog, I really enjoyed getting a backstage look at his showroom, thank you for a more personal insight on this designer =)

    • thelifeofthatfabulousprlady October 15, 2010 at 2:14 PM #

      You’re very welcome Vanessa!
      Im really glad you are enjoying my blog 🙂

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