Miners in Chile Rescued!!

13 Oct

Miracles do happen!

This was proven in Chile when the first of the 33 miners was rescued and brought up this meet his family at exactly 11:11pm, the night of Oct 12th, 2010. The 33 miners have been trapped since August 5th, 2010 for a total of 65 days. Luckily when the tragedy happened, where the mine in Copiapo, Chile collapsed, the miners were on their lunch break which meant they were all in a group in the same location within the mine. The tragedy would have obviously been much worse if the miners were in random spots throughout the mines for their survival would have been less likely. Some call this chance, others a work of God.

The miners were in limited contact with the outside public during their isolation within the mine through a small hole, where the government of Chile, along with Nasa, would send them food and other items for hygienic purposes to keep them as healthy as possible. Some miners, as reported by CNN, were of concern since they suffered from anxiety and minor cardiac issues. The role that Nasa played in the rescue of the miners was that they aided in sending down the same dehydrated food packages that the astronauts consume when in outer space. This dehydrated food kept the miners fed and allowed them to obtain as much nutrition as possible while in isolation; yet an issue was to allow some of the miners to loose some of their weight so they can be brought up with more ease and fit in the capsule that was going to do so.

The miners were rescued by drilling a 2,300 foot hole and a mechanism was placed with that hole and used to lower a capsule that works in a similar way as an elevator does. There were concerns that the miners would have issues fitting into this slim capsule, yet a bigger concern was that the capsule would shake in any way possibly causing a collapse in the walls of the “room” where the miners were located. As of right now, 16 of the miners have been rescued, it was planned that after they were brought up they would immediately see their families and then be transported over to a hospital where they would go through health checks to ensure the miners were completely ok to go home and rest.

The government of Chile will pay the rescued miners two months worth of their pay while they stay home and relax with their families. This tragedy also caused the Chilean government to take a further look into their mining laws and as a result of the collapse within the mine the laws will be revised and potentially changed for the future safety of the miners in Chile.

Below is a video, from CNN, made up of clips of the different happenings of last night where the first three miners were rescued.

In this video you can see the happiness of the miners and their families as they are released. The second miner stands out in particular since he brought with him some of the chunks of rock from the space he was trapped in and shared them with some of the officials waiting for the miners; one of these officials was the president of Chile. The miner then proceeded over to the crowds to jump around and cheer for his country where everyone else joined him in chant of a popular Chilean saying.

This is a proud moment for the world, but particularly for the people of Chile, since they have truly demonstrated that they come together for the best of their communities in a time of tragedy. This is not the first time this year Chile has faced a struggle as such, since this mine collapse occurred just months following the terrible earthquakes that Chile was struck with in early 2010.  Chile has proved to be a country with strength, perseverance and an incredible sense of hope. Regardless whether the rescue of these miners was by chance or a work of God, it is evident that La Fuerza Chilena (The Strength of Chile) is not a force to be reckoned with.

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  1. Andreas Moser October 15, 2010 at 4:29 PM #

    Here is what I learnt from the Chilean miners: http://andreasmoser.wordpress.com/2010/10/15/what-i-learn-from-the-33-miners/

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