Marc Jacobs Releases E-Commerce Site!

27 Sep

Marc Jacobs has finally decided to join the rest of us wonderful people in the 21st century, and given in after much resistance, and released an e-commerce site. We are now able to purchase his line online without the hassle of leaving home. Christmas shopping for myself has been made this much easier!

The site is brilliant in a very particular interactive way which allows the user to picture being in the store for themselves. This is done by a cute little interactive door man who invites you into the store. Once you enter, you have a view of what a Marc Jacobs e-store looks like with sales professionals standing by to suggest different products for your shopping convenience.

This site is so unique in that it doesn’t only include tabs for the different collections but it has a very particular way, that I have never seen before, of portraying the shopper within the Marc Jacob store. It also has a fabulous way of suggesting different products, accessories in particular, within his line without pushing it in your face on a pop up of some sort.

For your very own unique Marc Jacobs online shopping experience visit the site asap at Hope you love it as much as I do!

With Love,



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