New Day, New Year

13 Sep

Today was my official first day as a third year at YorkU. Lucky for me (and I mean this sarcastically) I woke up an hour later than the time I had set my alarm clock for. So off I rushed by slipping on my TNA trackies, a solid black tank top, and a baseball cap; yes! a baseball cap! A baseball cap which I purchased at the airport in Montego Bay, Jamaica on my trip there last October and I got many compliments on today. So my rush and a half while getting dressed wasn’t all that much of a fail after all.

Of course, the brilliant urban planners, or who ever else I should blame for this, decides it would be a good idea to begin major road construction during one of the most congested times of the year; therefore it took my that much longer to get to school.

I finally stumbled into class trying not to call too much attention to myself, since the doors happened to be situated at the front of the class, which is just perfect for people arriving late.

Hopefully the experiences of today don’t reflect on the rest of my year; or as I like to look at it, all the bad stuff is out of the way today so I can go on to have a brilliant year full of success and good grades.

With Love,



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