Back to School Fashion Commercials…Yay or Nay??

1 Sep

 So the time of the year has come around where kids are to go back to school. We know this mainly because of the commercials that play on tv, which lead us to the notebook and pencil crayon packed sections at the front of the department stores. When I  see these back-to-school commercials on tv I can’t help but wonder about the message they are sending the kids watching, since most of them promote the idea that school is more of a fashion show rather than a learning institution.

These commercials directly target the elementary and high school age groups, since it is evident that the college/university age group is less likely to buy into this, and kids are an easier target when it comes to consuming what seems to be “cool”. The following is a commercial targeted at the elementary school age group by for Macy’s:

In this commercial it is clear that the advertisers attempt to take advantage of the “High School Musical” fad created by Disney in order to get kids to buy into these clothes since every kid wants to fit in and be “cool” when in school. I can say this confidently since it wasn’t too long since I was in school myself and I know there is a great pressure to try to fit into the popular brands of that time or styles. I give Macy’s credit since they do have affordable pieces that don’t make it too difficult for a parent to purchase the items for their child, but I do disagree with the influence that they want to have on our children that back-to-school is more about fashion than their studies. Another commercial I found, which targeted more of the high school age group, went beyond to make back to school fashion literally look like a couture fashion show:

This commercial by Scheels directly targets the feelings of high school girls towards school and takes advantage of this by showing the “prep” procedures that it can take for a girl to get ready for class. Reality is that, unlike the commercial portrays, girls do not have hair and makeup artists to aid them in prepping for class so they are setting up an unrealistic image of what girls should look like for school. Like Macy’s, Scheels is an affordable alternative to back to school fashion but once again there is the issue that school should not solely about fashion but about learning. But of course, learning is not fun! Right?

I understand that  companies like Macy’s and Scheels need to make a revenue and this is a booming time of the year to go beyond their average earnings and children are a great target to achieve this. Yet I don’t know how much I agree with the idea that they promote to children which is that school is about fashion, forget learning. Funny thing is that I used to buy into these commercials and even circle the pages on the Sears catalogue as to what pieces I wanted my parents to buy for me for back to school. But now that I have grown out of this and see the reality of these advertisements, and it’s not that I completely disagree but I do see an issue with the way school is being portrayed by these commercials.

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