My Gift :)

23 Aug

So I went shopping the other day and we went into the famous Coach store at Square One in Mississauga. It’s just torture going in there sometimes since I am limited with a university student budget to not be able to get all the items I want in that store, as much as I want to crack out my credit card I have to be strong!

So my friend was particularly looking for a smaller wallet and as I was helping him look for that I noticed this gorgeous agenda which would obviously fit my lifestyle in an amazing way, since everyone knows in PR it is amazingly important to have an agenda and keep organized with all your events and doings. The brand of Coach just adds to the fabulous factor of the agenda without a doubt! I dared to look at the price tag and proceeded to notice the little sparkle in my eyes that I get when I really truly love something. I felt that I needed to reward myself for the hard work I have put into, not only my career, but my life in general recently. Therefore I decided to go ahead and purchase it as a gift to myself. So behold the gift!…

Of course I picked it in pink! I could’ve gone with black or brown fabric with the Coach monograph on it with purple, but pink shouted at me. It had “happy-go-lucky Christie” written all over it. The best thing about it is that it comes with gold on the outside of the pages as well as the monthly calendars, weekly calendars, an address book of course and a notebook for those extra scribbles and doodles which should really be written down details since it is so crucially important to always take notes!

With Love,



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