“A Passion for Fashion” by Youth Employment Services

4 Aug

Youth Employment Services  (YES) in Toronto is offering a set of workshops for youth 16-29 to learn about entrepreneurship within the fashion industry. YES is teaming up with Toronto Fashion Incubator which is, as mentioned on their website, “an innovative and highly respected non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and nurturing small business entrepreneurs”. The TFI particularly focuses on aiding in the growth of the Canadian fashion industry by teaching people business and professional skills  to start up and thrive within a career in fashion in Canada.

The program called “A Passion for Fashion” is made up of various workshops to teach and guide young potential entrepeneurs within the fashion industry how to commence and succeed within their future careers. Anyone who knows anything about the fashion industry recognizes that they should take on any tools or help they can get in order to succeed, since it is not an easy industry to get into. The workshops available are as follows:

Business 101: Set Up and Operations

Business 102: Pricing

Business 103: Finance

Fashion 101: Developing a Line

Fashion 102: Sales and Marketing

Fashion 103: Fashion Presentation and Illustration

All workshops are offered on an individual basis, which means that there is no need to take all of the workshops; yet all of them compliment each other in one way or another, as well as they are all evidently helpful tools to succeed as an entrepeneur within the fashion industry. As mentioned in the webpage, A Passion for Fashion participants will receive:

  • Workshops on starting your own business
  • Workshops on fashion and marketing
  • One-on-one mentorship
  • Assistance in creating a business plan and building a portfolio
  • Entrance into the Fashionista’s Den Competition and win $1000, a one-year membership to TFI and 50 hours of business advisory and fashion mentorship for free!

 This is a brilliant opportunity for anyone interested in a career that is fashion related and the best part is that it is at no cost, which is huge, since the information that is facilitated can be truly priceless in the guidance of your own career. The people facilitating the workshops are accredited individuals which have truly made a mark in their industries; such as Richard Healy (over 25 years experience as business leader), Kendra Francis (owner of Franke and Project Runway Canada finalist) and Gail McInnes (owner of Magnet Creative Management). I personally know Gail McInnes and she is a brilliant individual which a huge drive and determination in the industry. I was fortunate enough to work with her for the Breeyn McCarney Fashion Show in early 2010 and her drive to succeed was clear on many occasions with her focus on detail and the way she handled herself in front of industry professionals.

If you are interested in the workshops, as mentioned before they are all free, and it is extremely easy to sign up (I’ve done it myself). The webpage is http://www.yes.on.ca/get-informed/yes-programs/passion-for-fashion/ or you can contact Gail McInnes (Coordinator), as mentioned at the bottom of the webpage, for more information at gail_mcinnes@yes.on.ca.

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3 Responses to ““A Passion for Fashion” by Youth Employment Services”

  1. Gail McInnes October 4, 2010 at 9:33 PM #

    This is crazy sweet! Thank you! xoxo

    • thelifeofthatfabulousprlady October 6, 2010 at 3:09 PM #

      You’re Welcome Gail! It’s always a pleasure to write about your events 🙂


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